It's a weekend morning with subzero cold.

Even the cold breeze is blowing rapidly, so please wear a thick coat and go out.

The current temperature in Seoul is 1.4 degrees below zero, and the temperature is significantly lower than the minimum temperature yesterday (27th).

Today's daytime temperature is also 3 degrees Celsius, so a cold day is expected all day long.

With strong wind blowing around the west coast and Jeju, a strong wind warning is currently in effect.

As the'Wind Rang Alert' is in effect in the entire maritime, please pay special attention to coastal safety accidents.

It will be generally sunny today in the cold.

In some southern regions, there will be some clouds.

The air quality is expected to be clean nationwide, and beware of swelling waves on the east coast.

Currently, the temperature of Taebaek is -3.7 degrees and Seoul is -1.4 degrees, and the daytime temperatures are in Seoul and Taebaek 3 degrees.

Daejeon is expected to be 6 degrees, and Busan is expected to be 10 degrees.

For the time being, inland areas will continue to be cold in the sub-zero zone without any notice of snow or rain.

(Soyoung Jeon Weather Caster)