One bad day he chose Italian public television, in particular

Rai 2

and more precisely his program

Detto Fatto


Said and Done


This week, as the whole world talks about violence against women and how to contribute to a more equitable and less sexist world, the public channel thought it a good idea to broadcast a "tutorial" on how to do the shopping in a sensual way. by the

pole dance


Emily Angelillo


Angelillo, with the seriousness of someone who effectively explains a technique, explained in detail the best way to walk when pushing the cart, how to reach out to pick up a product from a high shelf and even - in case it happens - how to bend down to pick up something that has been dropped.

All accompanied by a realization that


and camera panned from top to bottom.

All this, in the early afternoon.

Millions of viewers have finally been able to train, thanks to public television, so as not to go unnoticed in the daily shopping, transforming the aisles of the supermarket "into their stage", the latter literal.

The video, unsurprisingly, has not gone unnoticed.


The executives of the chain have been perhaps the only ones who have not seen the scene out of place, even offensive: "Years of struggle thrown into ...", among the many comments on the Internet.



, in effect, represents a setback of decades in the affirmation of the equality of women, in the many battles to reaffirm that a woman is not a decorative object to look at, it is not a body that should be shown as sensual as possible especially in the eyes of a man.

Under the casual tone of an evening program, the most vulgar message has slipped in again.

"The irony was exceeded"

This Wednesday was November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

And we are in 2020. They still have to update the calendar in

Detto Datto


In the afternoon came the apology from

Ludovico Di Meo

, director of Rai 2: "

Detto fatto

is a program that has the only aspiration to entertain. Yesterday's program made a very serious mistake, certainly unwanted, for which I apologize to the spectators and spectators ".

According to the director, "although it was not intended to corroborate negative female stereotypes - as everyone has come to blame and condemn - the ironic tone has been exceeded and a clearly offensive code has been reached. The chain is seriously committed to investigating the incident and responsibilities, and to ensure that this does not happen again in the future: it would be contrary to the spirit of the program and the values ​​of the presenter, the authors and Rai2 ".

On Wednesday, the show was replaced by a movie.

And in the afternoon came the announcement of his suspension.

The decision - according to what has been learned - was made by the general director of Rai,

Fabrizio Salini

, who advocates readapting the program to an editorial line appropriate to the public service message.

Meanwhile, the show is suspended.

It is recorded and no apology message had been shot.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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