Actress Isabelle Huppert.


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Isabelle Huppert in the 25 best actors and actresses of the 21st century.

As reported by the Huffington Post, The

New York Times

established its end-of-year ranking, and hoisted the French actress to second place.

According to one of the daily journalists, she "is a virtuoso in ambiguity, which scrambles the usual codes on female vulnerability and feminist assertiveness".

Likewise, his ability to go “effortlessly from tears to cries, from the simplest stories to the most glorious” has also been praised.

Another selected Frenchwoman, Catherine Deneuve arrives in 21st place in this

New York Times



Denzel Washington best actor

Isabelle Huppert is therefore found just behind Denzel Washington, crowned best actor in this ranking, described as "a giant who is also a subtle and sensitive craftsman, with an old-fashioned theatrical training and the dazzling presence of a movie star" , reports BFMTV.

Among the ten best actors and actresses are: Daniel Day-Lewis (3rd), Keanu Reeves (4th), Nicole Kidman (5th), Song Kang Ho (6th), Toni Servillo (7th), Zhao Tao (8th), Viola Davis (9th) and Saoirse Ronan (10th).


Isabelle Huppert believes that it is necessary to better "protect economically" actresses


"La Daronne": How Jean-Paul Salomé transformed Isabelle Huppert into a veiled dealer

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