[Explanation] Recently, an 88-year-old man living alone in Shanghai gave away 3 million yuan of real estate to fruit stall owners.

On the evening of November 25, the reporter and the relatives of the elderly met the client Wang, and the owner of the fruit stall who took care of him, Xiaoyou, in a community in Shanghai.

  Older Wang's sister, Ms. Wang, questioned Xiaoyou's earlier media statement and explained why she had to "stand up".

  [Concurrent] Wang's sister, Mrs. Wang

  Because my brother (old man Wang) has the right to give you things, he is willing to give you (house) and we don't care.

But this time you said in the media that the relatives of our family are indifferent, saying that we don't care about the elderly. We are very angry at this.

  [Explanation] Facing the relatives who suddenly visited, Mr. Wang was a little surprised. He could vaguely recognize his relatives while talking, but the logic of his speech was a little confused.

  [Concurrent] Wang's relatives (who did you give it to?)

  【Concurrent】Wang old man

  (The house) was given to the garbage station.

I don't want it, give it to them, I can't take it away, and nobody accepts it (heritage).

This is the situation, and it is now owned by the garbage station.

  [Commentary] The reporter noticed that the room was cleaned up and the clothes and mattresses were clean.

The Xiaoyou who lived with me described the process of handling relevant notarization procedures.

He showed reporters another key material besides the "intentional guardianship" notarized material-the "legacy and support agreement" material.

  A bequest support agreement is made in the form of a will. The testamentary leaves the property to someone other than the legal heir. There are strict requirements for the beneficiary to perform the maintenance obligation. The testamentary can be made under the premise that the beneficiary fails to perform the maintenance obligation. , Cancel the gift of property.

From this perspective, it is also a guarantee for Wang's old age.

  The lobbyist, what he said to the media is true.

I have supported Mr. Wang for 10 years, and I feel at ease with the house given by the elderly.

I will continue to perform maintenance obligations and will not exclude relatives of the elderly from coming to visit.

  [Contemporary period] A small tour of the fruit stall owner

  Public opinion is the fact. Anyway, there is evidence for everything, and I will not make it up.

  Reporter Xu Mingrui from Shanghai

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】