International French Teachers Day

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By: Emmanuelle Bastide

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Between 2014 and 2018, the number of Francophones increased by 17% in Africa and they were nearly 80,000 learners of French as a foreign language, enrolled in French Institutes and Alliances Françaises in 2018 according to the OIF.


In English-speaking countries, particularly in West Africa, French is increasingly establishing itself as a privileged foreign language, used for trade with border countries.

How is French taught in these countries?

Why learn it?

What impact has the pandemic had on the practices of French teachers in English-speaking Africa?

Jean-François Hans

, geographical delegate for Africa, Indian Ocean, Asia and Oceania at the Alliance Française Foundation

Marc Boisson

, Secretary General of the International Federation of French Teachers (FIPF), who coordinates the day of the French teacher INSERT

Mufutau Tijani

, professor of French at Amadou Elor University in Azaria in Kaduna State (Nigeria) and Secretary General of the Africa and Indian Ocean Commission of the FIPF

At the end of the program,

the chronicle of Ibrahima Giroux, Parents, children, here and elsewhere

 : How to teach patience to children

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The weekly meeting to help parents, with psychologist Ibrahima Giroux, UNICEF employee in Dakar


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