Baek Jong-won, a culinary researcher and broadcaster, expressed his regret in the absurd post of delivery, saying, "When I listen to it, I cry."

On the SBS entertainment program'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant', which aired yesterday (25th), the image of Baek Jong-won, who went through the inspection of the alley at Sagajeong Market in Myeonmok-dong, was drawn.

Before the inspection of delivery kimchi stew houses, Baek Jong-won complained, referring to the times when delivery orders were increasing, saying, "These days, there are even words like horoscope terrorism."

In the reviews released by Kim Seong-ju, "I ordered 1 chicken, but 7 people would eat it, so give me a lot of chicken", "I thought the'hot' of hot crispy chicken was hot", "I tried to order Jjajang and Jjambbong, but I ordered 2 Jjajang incorrectly There was a content that was difficult to understand, such as "I didn't even check at the store and I don't have a sense"

In particular, in the delivery request, there was a review that wrote a personal errand of “buy bottled water and snacks together when delivery” was shocked. “Is this real?” Baek Jong-won said, “I really have. When I see it, I cry," he said.

At the same time, Baek Jong-won added, "It's fortunate that there are a lot of good manners customers." So netizens commented, "People who leave such reviews should do some work themselves" and "There are a lot of people who are really weird to see those who leave reviews." I sympathized.

(Photo = SBS'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant' broadcast screen capture)

(SBS Svestar)