Affected by the epidemic this year, many film crews have delayed their start-ups, and the film and television industry was once stagnant. However, as the epidemic eased in the second half of the year, the film crews began to concentrate on work, and the film industry showed signs of recovery.

Hundreds of crews have started construction in Zhejiang Hengdian Film and Television City, the largest domestic film and television shooting base.

Film and television shooting picks up the crew of Hengdian Film and Television City

  The reporter came to a filming base in Hengdian Film and Television City-Chunqiu Tangyuan. Some directors said that due to the epidemic, many crews have postponed the start-up time. Hengdian Film and Television City now has hundreds of crews. This phenomenon should It's unprecedented; shooting scenes have to be scheduled in advance, and scene grabbing has even occurred when it is tense.

  Du Shanshan, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Hengdian Film and Television City Management Service Co., Ltd.: From August to mid-November 2019, there were 81 crews in the same period; this year, there were 142 crews, an increase of 75%.

The busy state of Hengdian recently may continue into next year.

  In addition to scenes, props are also an important part of filming.

The reporter visited the largest film and television props warehouse in Hengdian. The props warehouse is stocked with various props according to categories, such as ancient furniture such as tables and chairs, and various ornaments.

The relevant person in charge told reporters that recently the crew has a very large demand for props, with thousands of items shipped out of the library every day.

"Horizontal Drifting" Group Acting in the Face of All Living Beings 10,000 Newly Registered Since May

  The Hengdian crew started on a large scale, and the Hengdian extras known as "Heng Piao" are also returning in batches, and there are many new ones.

  Speaking of extras, it will remind people of passersby in various film and television works, the role is inconspicuous but indispensable.

In the filming scene of the crew in Hengdian, Zhejiang, the extras were sitting around and resting. They wore various costumes and had a common name-"Heng Piao".

  Zhejiang Hengdian Film and Television City actor Zhang Jingfu: For example, if you have to run with a horse in a big armor and no one goes there, your salary will be increased to more than 300, 400, and 500 yuan a day.

  "Heng Piao" came here for various reasons, to make money, to dream of actors, or to stay by accident.

The Hengdian Film and Television Industry Experimental Zone has an assessment of special actors once a month.

Only by passing the assessment can extra actors be upgraded to special actors with higher pay and more shots.

The assessment is divided into the first test and the second test. It seems very difficult, and few people can get the pass card.

  Actor agent Kang Shuai: About five or six of the forty candidates can pass.

  The extras in Hengdian are divided into four categories: extras, prospective actors, special actors, and special actors. The more you take the scene, the more you pay.

The basic wages of extra actors increased by 20 yuan in October, and now it is 120 yuan for 10 hours.

Registered actors not only have special personnel to guide the tax refund, but also enjoy living allowances before the crew resumes work.

  Actor Zhang Haifeng: At that time, Hengdian Film and Television City gave the actors registered in the Actors Guild a living allowance of 500 yuan per person, and my personal income tax refunded about 10,000 yuan.

  Zhou Fenglai, head of the Actors Association of Zhejiang Hengdian Film and Television City: From May to now, Hengdian has added 10,000 new registrations.

Group performances were actually very nervous, and there was a shortage of group performances in September.

  Many netizens expressed that they were very interested. They left a message saying "become an actor", "I will go to test the actor certificate now", "I want to experience group acting and see their filming life" and so on.

Each video platform focuses on self-made dramas, capital is low, and filming dramas pursues cost-effectiveness

  After the impact of the epidemic, the film and television industry has accelerated its reshuffle, and the capital has gradually cooled down and pursued more cost-effectiveness. The rise of online dramas and changes in movie viewing patterns have gradually shifted the focus of discourse to various video platforms.

What new changes are there?

What is the future trend of the film and television industry?

  Reporters randomly interviewed in Hengdian Film and Television City and found that the current audience pays more attention to the plot and actors' acting skills, and the recognition of online dramas and online movies has increased.

  At present, the main broadcasting channels of the film and television industry, especially TV series, are gradually shifting from TV stations to online video platforms.

Relevant data shows that the number of episodes in the list of iQiyi, Tencent Video and Mango TV in 2021 will be 70, 73, and 65, respectively, an increase of 1, 36, and 24 compared to the same period last year. The industry is showing a trend of recovery, giving actors many opportunities. .

  The reporter learned that the current cooperation model between the drama and the platform is mainly divided into two types: customization and split accounting. According to the investment scale, it will be divided into various levels such as S, A, B+. The investment scale of S is generally over 100 million, and the investment of A is generally in 80 million to 100 million yuan, B+ is generally 40-50 million yuan.

For the platform side, the overheated capital has receded, and it is more pursuing cost performance, and more and more personally participate in content production, and vigorously strengthen self-made dramas.

  According to industry insiders, although the current main track of online dramas is still romantic and sweet, this year's reality and suspense have emerged. The epidemic and the change of track will accelerate the reshuffle of the film and television industry.

  Producer Wang Lifeng: The epidemic may have eliminated a large part of small and medium-sized, not-so-professional film and television companies, and they will increasingly tend to concentrate their head resources on the head companies.

If small and medium-sized companies want to break out of this track, they may have to cut in from the perspective of the accounting network drama.