China News Service, November 25. According to the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam issued her fourth policy address today. She said at a press conference before the guild yesterday that she would propose 200 new policies in the policy address. Measures, through some reforms and streamlining measures, to provide citizens with better services without using additional resources.

  She also emphasized that if the epidemic cannot be controlled, many measures will be difficult to implement, and the top priority of the SAR government is still to fully respond to the new crown epidemic.

  Regarding the policy address issued today, many citizens believe that Hong Kong should start anew and "clearing" confirmed cases is the only way, because only by controlling the epidemic can customs clearance and the conditions for revitalizing the tourism industry can be achieved.

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam, presented the upcoming policy address before attending the executive meeting on November 24.

(Photo: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government website)

"Attachment" has the most substantial content

  Carrie Lam said that the policy address released today still uses sky blue as the cover, hoping to bring more hope to Hong Kong.

This year's policy address also has an "attachment" introducing past work as last year. The content of the "attachment" is very substantial and heavier than the entire policy address.

  She said that this year's policy address was originally scheduled to be issued in mid-October, but it was postponed because of the desire to join the mainland's preferential Hong Kong measures.

Hong Kong has experienced social turmoil and economic contraction for more than a year. This year's policy address is very important. The public hopes to see the future of Hong Kong's economy.

  She said that the "Attachment" of last year's policy address is very popular with pictures and texts. Therefore, the "Attachment" format is still adopted this year to introduce in detail the policies of the current government in various fields over the past three years and every item promised by the SAR government. It is hoped that the implementation of policy measures can be fully explained and clear at a glance.

Completed 95% of 700 new measures in 3 years

  Carrie Lam pointed out that in the past three policy addresses, the SAR government has proposed a total of 700 new measures. About 95% of the new measures have been completed or are in progress. The remaining 5% will definitely step up to catch up on time. get.

  She confessed that some projects that could not be achieved were not completely controlled by the SAR government, because in the past year, the SAR Legislative Council had less time and more time was used by (speculationists) to "rab". Or "beat the clock" and so on.

She bluntly said, "I will try my best to buy time in the next year, hoping to do more of these tasks."

  She also pointed out that in this year’s policy address and the "Attachment", the SAR government will propose an additional 200 new measures. However, due to the extremely tight public finances, and this year, the "Budget" and three rounds of " The Anti-epidemic Fund" has already spent HK$310 billion in public finances, so this year's fiscal deficit may also reach this figure.

Therefore, many new measures are through reforms, simplifications and synergies to provide better services to the public without using additional resources.

  "In this policy address, you will see in full the various measures that I have received support from Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen at the beginning of this month." But she emphasized that if Hong Kong cannot effectively control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, all measures will be difficult. Unfold.

  She continued that under the epidemic situation, Hong Kong cannot resume communication with the flow of people from the Mainland and other places. There are also many activities that have not been carried out locally. It is difficult to implement various measures that are beneficial to people’s livelihood and the economy. The top priority is still to deal with the new crown epidemic.