After Pfizer and Moderna, a third candidate in the vaccine race emerged on Monday.

The British laboratory AstraZeneca, allied with the University of Oxford, announced that its product was 70% effective, and even completely effective against the occurrence of a severe form of Covid-19.

AstraZeneca France president Olivier Nataf defends these results on Europe 1.

There is no doubt that Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday evening at 8 p.m., will discuss the issue of vaccines against the coronavirus.

Because beyond deconfinement, it is thanks to these precious doses that France and the world will avoid a third wave of the epidemic.

On Monday, the announcement was made of a new vaccine with encouraging results, that of the British laboratory AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford.

It uses more traditional technology than products from Pfizer and Moderna, making it less expensive and easier to store.

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Its efficiency rate, on the other hand, is lower: 70%.

But the president of AstraZeneca France explains that this figure is an average of the results of clinical trials.

So it can increase.

"Our vaccine has demonstrated an efficacy of up to 90% according to two dosage schedules", explains Olivier Nataf.

"First a scheme that begins with a half-dose and then a month after a dose, and that gives an efficacy of 90% in the participants. And another scheme, which showed, with one dose and another dose , 62% efficiency. So a combined analysis shows 70% efficiency. "


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"We have decided to make it available at cost price"

But it is on another result that Olivier Nataf wants to rely.

"The other thing is that there is 100% protection against the onset of severe forms of illness and hospitalization. No hospitalizations and no severe illnesses were reported among participants who received the drug. vaccine ", indicates the president of AstraZeneca France.

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There remains the question of the date of marketing and the price.

On the first point, Olivier Nataf can hardly be precise.

"So very quickly, we must continue to move forward, with evaluations by the health authorities, so that these vaccines are available to the population," he explains.

The man is more explicit on the second point, crucial obviously.

"We have decided to make it available at cost price, that is to say the price that the production costs us. We have spoken of around 2.5 euros per dose", announces Olivier Nataf.