China News Service, Hong Kong, November 24 (Reporter Zeng Ping) The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam, met with the media before attending an executive meeting on the 24th. He said that he would issue his fourth policy address on the 25th, and the report would propose 200 new items. The measures can also be seen in full on the measures that went to Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen to get support in early November.

  Carrie Lam said that this year's policy address is very important. Hong Kong has experienced more than a year of social turmoil and economic shrinkage. The public hopes to see the prospects of Hong Kong's economy.

The new policy address uses sky blue as the cover, hoping to bring more hope to Hong Kong.

  She pointed out that a total of 700 new measures have been proposed in the past three policy addresses, of which about 95% of the new measures have been completed or are in progress. The remaining 5% of the SAR government will definitely hurry up and hope to achieve it.

This year’s policy address and its attachments will propose 200 additional new measures. However, because of the extremely tight public finances this year, and the budget and three rounds of the anti-epidemic fund this year have spent 310 billion Hong Kong dollars, many new measures hope to pass reforms, Increases, decreases and synergies provide better services to citizens without using additional resources.

  Carrie Lam said that responding to the new crown pneumonia epidemic is Hong Kong's current top priority.

If the epidemic cannot be effectively controlled, Hong Kong will not be able to resume the flow of people with the mainland and other places, and it will be difficult to implement all measures that are beneficial to people's livelihood and the economy.