[Explanation] Pakistani scientist Fitz Hassan has attracted attention in developing essential oils for buffalo in Guangxi.

Recently, the reporter approached Fitz Hassan and listened to him about his "in love" with the buffalo.

  [Explanation] Fez Hasan is a PhD in animal genetics and breeding. He used to teach at Faisalabad Agricultural University in Pakistan and has bred new breeds of hybrid cows and chickens.

In November 2018, Fitz Hassan was employed by the Guangxi Buffalo Research Institute (Buffalo Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) through the "Working Program for Outstanding Young Scientists from Developing Countries" ("International Outstanding Youth Program") by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Carry out two-year research work.

  [Explanation] Fitz Hassan conducted experiments on the characteristics of the rumen microbiome genome in the Guangxi Buffalo Research Institute.

Experimental results show that plant essential oils can effectively regulate the rumen microbiota, thereby regulating the rumen fermentation, milk production and milk fatty acid composition of buffalo.

This discovery will help increase milk production and milk quality, especially the fatty acid content of buffalo milk.

It is understood that Guangxi currently ranks first in China in terms of the number of buffalo cows in stock and the production of buffalo milk. Fitz Hassan’s research results will promote the development of Guangxi buffalo milk industry in the direction of high quality.

  [Concurrent] Fez Hassan, PhD in Animal Genetics and Breeding, Pakistan

  What I am currently engaged in is the research of buffalo metagenome, the main content is to identify different genes and pathways involved in buffalo fiber degradation and feed digestibility.

Through this research to improve the production and quality of buffalo milk, especially to regulate the content of milk fatty acids in milk, which will benefit human health.

  [Explanation] Fitz Hassan told reporters that the results of his two years of working in Guangxi are equivalent to the sum of the research results of the past ten years.

  [Concurrent] Fez Hassan, PhD in Animal Genetics and Breeding, Pakistan

  The scientific research conditions in Guangxi, especially the infrastructure and advanced technologies that are conducive to the development of cutting-edge scientific research, are very sufficient.

At the same time, it is impressive that there are many top-notch experimental equipment and research concepts that have reached the international level, which has provided me with a good help in carrying out high-quality scientific research.

  [Explanation] In the past two years, Fitz Hassan has published 8 SCI papers, which is a rare achievement.

He said that working with China's top buffalo research experts is a valuable experience.

Today, Fitz Hassan is about to complete the research project of the "International Outstanding Youth Program". He plans to continue to engage in the research of rumen metagenomics after returning to China, and jointly develop the scientific research project of buffalo genetic improvement with Guangxi Buffalo Research Institute.

  [Concurrent] Fez Hassan, PhD in Animal Genetics and Breeding, Pakistan

  I plan to make good use of this technology, and jointly apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Pakistan Science Foundation projects with my mentor to carry out further research in this field.

In this way, we can make better scientific research progress in the field of buffalo genetics and genomics, which is very beneficial to the buffalo technology of both countries.

  Liao Zhangli Zhang Guangquan reports from Nanning

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]