, November 23. Recently, in the 5th Sansheng New Cultural Entertainment · New Consumption Annual Summit, the road-going outdoor reality show "Hahahahaha-I am glad to meet you" won the annual innovation variety award.

  The program director Wang Zhengyu said: "Life is the best reality show. There are suspense, laughter, and accidents. So in this, amateurs are definitely good. What they can give is the truest loss of control ability. The aftertaste effect."

Deng Chao participated in the imitation show competition program group for photo

  After the second episode of "Hahahahaha-Nice to Meet You" was broadcast, Deng Chao Huang Bo danced, Lu Han played a part-time job for the crew and other topics of the show were popular.

  In the show, in order to earn the day’s group fee, Deng Chao and Huang Bo disguised themselves to participate in the Hengdian "The Drama Conference" imitation show competition. They not only had to pay attention to their disguise at all times to avoid being recognized by the judge Tian Yu, but also had to prepare urgently and nervously. dance.

In the backstage preparations, encountering contestants who imitated "Deng Chao" and "Sun Li" also made Deng Chao lament the "disorder".

  On the other hand, Chen He, Lu Han, and Wang Mian, who were "fully armed" into the group part-time squad and smokers, were very nervous before going on stage. Lu Han's behavior in wearing masks looking for masks was quite funny. Experience, clean movements, known as "qualified boardman".

  R1SE Zhang Yanqi and Wang Chenyi, in order to earn a train ticket to Hengdian, became a busker on the street and sang rap and danced hip-hop. Then the two of them drank a bucket of water together, slept in the car together, and carried a large bag to catch the train. They didn’t dare to spend money. The scene made the audience sigh "too miserable".

  It is reported that "Hahahahaha-Nice to meet you" is being broadcast on iQiyi, Tencent Video and Dragon TV.