Actor Choi Seong-won (35), who returned after receiving treatment for acute leukemia four years ago, is receiving treatment for a recurrence of leukemia.

On the 21st, Byeoloreum Entertainment, the agency, said, "Many people will be concerned and worried about the related reports, so we will disclose our position according to the agency's judgment that it is correct to directly inform Choi Sung-won's condition." , Is currently recovering."

The news of Choi Sung-won's fight against disease was announced through a fellow actor.

Musical actor Joo-Jin shared the hospital and patient information, saying, "A friend urgently needs platelet blood collection and blood transfusion."

Choi Min-woo (born January 17, 1985) was released as patient information, and netizens found out that the patient was Choi Sung-won through date of birth.

Since then, there have been reports that Choi Sung-won is being treated for a recurrence of leukemia.

The agency, who directly stated its position, said, "After the first outbreak, I started my activities little by little after the finding that it was okay to receive treatment well. I went to the hospital through regular checkups when I was ready to receive the confirmation of the next drama during the musical performance in June. I was diagnosed with treatment, and I was able to start treatment quickly with the consideration of drama officials, performance producers and fans."

He also said, "It is not an urgent situation as reported now, and platelet transfusion is necessary for the recovery process. It is correct that AB+ blood must be continuously transfused."

"The blood that Seongwon Choi needs is AB+, and the blood donation method is the same as the general blood donation method. You can visit the blood donor after inquiring if platelet blood is available," he said. "After visiting, designate a platelet donation designator and collect blood, and information on the blood donation designator Please contact the company."

The agency said, "We think that the priority is for Choi Seong-won to receive treatment well in a more stable mental state. Please refrain from visiting the hospital directly and reporting on the use of stimulating words. If you need inquiries, please contact the company. “We will do our best for the quick recovery of Sung-won Choi and all of our agency's staff will do our best to deliver the future progress to our fans.”

Choi Sung-won was diagnosed with acute leukemia while appearing in the JTBC drama ``Witch Bogam'' in April 2016, and stopped all activities before focusing on treatment.

After recovering from his health, he returned in February of the following year.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)