Cover news interview with Yu Xiuhua

  "When you love someone, the soul is rising, not sinking"

  Many readers waited in line outside the lecture hall early.

Among the crowds full of seats, a male reader stood up and asked questions without forgetting to shout, "Mr. Yu Xiuhua, I love you." The protagonist of this large-scale star chasing scene is not an entertainment star or a youth literature "idol" writer. Is a poet.

  On November 15th, the poet Yu Xiuhua came to Chengdu Wenxuan BOOKS bookstore and held a poem sharing session.

Although it was a bit difficult to pronounce words, she was witty and humorous, making the scene laugh many times and applause.

  Five years ago, the song "Passing Through Most of China and Sleeping with You" blasted the circle of friends. Yu Xiuhua became popular all over the country overnight, and then published books one after another.

When Yu Xiuhua came to Chengdu this time, she brought the new version of her first collection of poems "Moonlight on the Left Hand", her first collection of prose "Unreasonable Joy", and the collection of poems "We Loved and Forgotten".

After its publication in 2015, "Moonlight Falls on the Left Hand" has shown a hot sales trend, and has sold nearly 400,000 so far.

Some people say that this is the best-selling collection of Chinese new poems since Haizi.

Yu Xiuhua's experience was also made into a documentary by director Fan Jian and won many awards at home and abroad.

Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" reported her deeds twice, and someone from Sweden also invited her to share poetry.

According to the publishing house, the English version of Yu Xiuhua's work has been authorized by a US publishing company and is expected to be listed in September 2021 and issued by Penguin Publishing Group.

  The benefits of being famous are real: for example, improved economic conditions and increased freedom.

With money, she built a new house for her family.

When she divorced her ex-husband, the other party asked for money, and she could get it.

Although love is a distressing subject for her now, she is generally satisfied with the current life "although there are still many troubles."

  Behind the excitement, Yu Xiuhua has to face daily chores and hardships in life.

In addition to the interview, she accidentally mentioned that the bookshelf she bought has not been assembled at home. “The drawings are not complicated, but my hands are not easy to install.” Her father is older, and the son born in 1996 has already After graduating from university, he works and is not at home.

  "I am a man first, and then a poet"

  Yu Xiuhua, 19, was married by her parents.

After a painful marriage, in 2015, she took the initiative to divorce.

In the documentary "The Shaky World", Yu Xiuhua showed a decisive attitude towards divorce.

Mentioning that she was "brave", Yu Xiuhua put her head very sharply, "No, no, I am not brave. I have struggled for a long time. If I were brave, my marriage would have long been gone, and it would not be delayed. For many years, suffering so much."

  Now, she is fortunate that she has divorced, "If I did not divorce, then the pressure I am facing now must add his part." The biggest reason for divorce, she mentioned "loneliness", "such as when I When encountering difficulties, my ex-husband’s first reaction was definitely to say that I was wrong and that I did not do well enough. I think, he is not unwilling to help me or understand me, but he does not have the ability, no that Understanding. Very lonely."

  Fame will inevitably bring some troubles.

During the National Day in 2020, Yu Xiuhua posted a Weibo: "Visitors are not welcome during the National Day holiday. Especially those who come to see me "by the way"! I am not the object of recreation."

  What’s valuable is that she has a very stable mentality in writing, and she has a thorough understanding of fame and wealth. "As far as writing poetry, never abandon the mentality of beginners. Once there is the mentality of'I am a big coffee', a poet will I'm almost finished, I can't write anything."

  "Poetry will be my crutch for the rest of my life. People will have a lot of anxiety, when they are abandoned and abandoned, when nothing is reliable. But poetry is different. When you need it, it is there. It It will definitely appear. When you don't need it, it stays quietly. Poetry is a very beautiful existence." But Yu Xiuhua doesn't want to exaggerate this trust in poetry.

  Some readers mentioned that compared to the previous works, the style of the poems after becoming famous has become less powerful.

Yu Xiuhua responded, “In the past few years, I have been relieved too much after the fetters of marriage. Without depression, there would be no outbreak. However, human life is not prepared for writing. Maybe, the works I wrote later It will be mediocre. Just imagine, who would be willing to struggle daily on the death line of life to fulfill other people's requirements for literary works? I think this is the inversion of life. I would rather be mediocre than sacrifice my life for poetry. I First is an individual, and then a poet. Life is always more important than literature. Life should be placed before writing. Without life, there is no poetry." She also mentioned Haizi, "I hope Haizi is alive, even if it is mediocre. ."

  "Being a keyboard man nemesis is not afraid to cause trouble"

  Yu Xiuhua seems to have unique hot search skills, which will cause some waves on Weibo every time.

In 2020, Yu Xiuhua appeared on Weibo hot search list several times for "confessing to Li Jian", participating in a short video platform activity to read poems, and discussing poetry standards.

Yu Xiuhua is particularly good at confronting people's speech on the Internet, and when he encounters difficult people, he unceremoniously responds and is called the "Keyboard Man Nemesis".

In this regard, she smiled and said that the reason why she was able to "subdued" the keyboard man was because she was not afraid to cause trouble.

"There are still a lot of villains, and there is no way. But fortunately, I try to restrain myself now and don't curse people online." Yu Xiuhua corrected the reporter when she said that she was "sharp", "It should be said to be'accurate'. Can a person speak Accurate, this is a kind of thinking ability."

  On topics such as love, Yu Xiuhua speaks "very fiercely".

But when it comes to literature itself, she immediately switched to a very serious tone and expression.

Many of her literary views are very insightful.

For example, when someone asked her about literary topics, she answered very sincerely, "Any writing requires us to have a broad range of knowledge, depending on the direction, ability, and depth of thinking. If the thinking is not deep enough, the language is often mediocre. At the same time, many people can speak very well, but cannot write. This shows that there is still a certain gap between thinking and language."

  Some readers asked her how to deal with a jam or bottleneck period in her writing?

"Sorry, as of now, I haven't encountered a real creative bottleneck. I write poems not because I have inspiration, but when I feel like I am a little wasteful of time, should I write a poem? I open it. The computer went to write."

  Love is an important theme in Yu Xiuhua's poems.

Yu Xiuhua still treats love like a young girl who is just beginning to love someone. "It is different from simply liking someone. When you love someone, you become very anxious and cautious. Love is bound to be accompanied by pain. Because love will face many specific problems. You will face a lot of problems that you can’t solve by yourself. Moreover, the thing about love is very “cheap”. He ran away when you chased. After you left, the person was reluctant, and he was always not on the same channel anyway. Come on. Sometimes I feel that the happiest moment is when there is no love."

  Will there be a "moment when I no longer long for love"?

"There should be. But I am also afraid that this time will come. Because in that case, it means that I am an old woman, really old. When I want to love someone, my soul is rising, not sinking. This is also true. Why I have loved so many men? I have no reason to feel ashamed. Being able to love someone means that my vitality is still very strong."

  "How can so many men inspire me, I want to be beautiful"

  If you don’t go out or drink, Yu Xiuhua’s usual day, “get up at 8 o’clock and water the flowers.” She likes to grow flowers, “understand the habits of each flower, and observe its changes every day. This flower will be watered today, tomorrow That flower needs to be watered." After watering the flowers, washing the clothes, and sweeping the floor, "When these are done, drink coffee and read a book." My son came home on the weekend, and occasionally they chatted and saw news about Yu Xiuhua on the Internet, my son. Will comfort her.

  Yu Xiuhua has a good impression of the city of Chengdu, "I personally think it is better than Wuhan. It is suitable for life." She also wants to go to the Western Sichuan Plateau and see the snow-capped mountains. "But it is not convenient for me to go alone, and my body is still limited. I hope so. I have a chance to have a friend take me." She also talked about the advantages of Chengdu men, such as respecting women, "I know many poets in Chengdu. After all, the circle is that big. Men in Chengdu treat me well. Sometimes I think. It’s better to move to Chengdu. Unfortunately, I don’t have this condition."

  A male reader mentioned that many male artists have a female muse.

So I asked Yu Xiuhua, "What kind of man is the most inspirational for her?" Yu Xiuhua said, "Inspiration is mainly given by myself. It is my own experience of these unreliable men and wrote it. Unreliable Poetry will be produced only when a reliable woman carefully appreciates it. Haha. In fact, the source of inspiration is more from a scene, a flower, a scene, an impression, etc. Inspiration is what people think What I think slowly converges to a critical point. How can so many men inspire me to think beautifully!"

  Cover news reporter Zhang Jie, intern Gan Xinyi and Ye Zhihu

  /Character introduction/

  Yu Xiuhua, poet.

Born in Zhongxiang, Hubei in 1976, he suffered from cerebral palsy due to dystocia and hypoxia at the time of birth, causing inconvenience in mobility.

After graduating from high school, he stayed at home.

In 2009, he officially began to write poetry.

In November 2014, published poems in "Poetry Magazine".

In January 2015, the first collection of poems "Moonlight Falls on the Left Hand" was published.

Later, he published a collection of poems "The Shaky World", "We Loved and Forgotten", a collection of essays "Unreasonable Joy", and a collection of novels "And in the World.

 Cover news interview with Yu Xiuhua

  There are many things to bear behind "Dare to speak"

  Yu Xiuhua on the social networking site, the keyboard man, each one is accurate.

She said, I'm not afraid of getting into trouble anyway.

Sometimes when I encounter "Gang Jing", I open the bar to the name of the poetry collection: Why does the moonlight have to fall on the left hand?

Instead of the right hand?

Yu Xiuhua smiled, "It's really true. Because I write with my left hand." She doesn't chase dramas or variety shows, but loves watching small videos.

Especially about life and food.

Recently, she watched weight loss coups on her mobile phone, not allowing this to eat that, especially not to eat carbohydrate, "I can't do it at all. Yesterday I thought I was going to lose weight, but I ate several buns today. Haha!" I also said that sometimes it is intemperate to scan small videos, which wastes a lot of time.

"In the future, we still have to restrain this kind of internet addiction." The reporter reminded her to drink less and cherish her body in the interview. She expressed acceptance and had some insights into the relationship between poetry and wine: "Some people say that smoking produces articles and wine produces poetry. Actually, it’s impossible! Drinking so dizzy, what poems do you write?! I think those people who drink a lot, like me, are spiritual emptiness. The spiritual emptiness has no sustenance and can only drink."

  Yu Xiuhua speaks humorously, has enough self-confidence, and in the conversation, he does not shy away from self-confidence, "In fact, I think I am not particularly ugly. I am like this, mainly because I have had a birth before. I’m sick.” Someone mentioned another once popular poet whose poems and Yu Xiuhua’s are both "innocent".

Yu Xiuhua reminded him, "Don't confuse my innocence with his innocence. This is different."

  "If I don't love anyone anymore, my heart is ashamed and terrible"

  Cover News: Some time ago, I saw you in Douyin. Before the interview, I found that you drink a lot. Because of a love problem, it is very painful. I feel that life is meaningless and want to commit suicide.

The state is so bad that it makes people worry that you may not fall into depression.

Now you are in a much better condition.

In the pain at that time, could writing poetry relieve some pain?

  Yu Xiuhua: During that time, I felt very uncomfortable, not to mention writing poems, nothing was done.

A few days ago, a friend called me and suggested that I see a psychiatrist.

In fact, I have come out now, and at most, my head buzzes occasionally.

Sometimes there is a little hallucination.

It is fine to see a doctor, and to communicate more with professionals is a good thing.

  Cover news: You should drink less, write more poems, and give full play to your talent.

  Yu Xiuhua: I have used up enough of my talents.

Drink less wine indeed.

I drank too much some time ago and I became fat.

I am going to lose weight.

  Cover news: Your pursuit and expression of love are very straightforward.

This is rare.

  Yu Xiuhua: I am very obsessed with love, but people ignore me and make me feel really sorry for myself.

It is always shameful time and time again, but I think this is also a symbol of life and passion.

If I don't love anyone anymore, my heart is ashamed and terrible.

  "I have not expressed my ideas, it is difficult to be a real person"

  Cover news: Many young female readers regard your frankness and daring to express yourself as a role model.

  Yu Xiuhua: Actually, it's okay. I have not expressed my thoughts. I dare not say many thoughts.

I think what these girls see is an appearance, and they have to bear a lot of things behind "Dare to say".

Many times I also feel that being a real person is really difficult.

  Cover News: You once said that compared to women’s perspectives on men, men’s perspectives on women are more single.

Can you talk more about this in detail?

  Yu Xiuhua: Even if women’s first impressions of men are not very good, she thinks she can talk about it and learn more.

And if some men don't think that the first impression is too good, they probably won't understand.

This is the difference between the two sexes, and I don't know why.

Even if a man is bad, he thinks he is fine.

Women still have requirements for themselves to live as fairies.

Where does this gender advantage come from?

I think this has something to do with the development of society from ancient times to the present, and the influence of the social mentality that men were inferior to women.

It is also difficult to solve the long-standing gender bias in society.

What we can do is to take care of ourselves. It is not easy to be good at ourselves.

  Cover news: Nowadays, there are many older single young women in society. They will not get married for the sake of marriage, but at the same time this group also feels various pressures.

What is your opinion on this phenomenon?

  Yu Xiuhua: It is natural for older single women to experience various pressures.

In fact, not getting married will be stressful, and getting married will also be stressful.

People are stressed when they are alive.

Everyone will be stressed for various reasons, and everything depends on your own choice or respect for your inner wishes.

Having said that, in recent years, society has become more tolerant of older single women.

  Cover news: Some time ago, there was a discussion about girls from poor families, whose parents worked hard to support college and married as housewives upon graduation.

What is your opinion?

  Yu Xiuhua: A girl whose parents are supporting so hard, especially some only children who have graduated from college or graduate school or even got a Ph.D., just be a housewife at home. What is the use of learning so much knowledge?

Of course, there is no way to say whether it is right or wrong. It is necessary to respect everyone's own choice.

It's just that I don't understand it personally, and it's too bad for specific female individuals.

  "Good poetry has no fixed standards, and poetry aesthetics need not be the same"

  Cover News: Do you remember when you wrote the first poem?

  Yu Xiuhua: I wrote one in elementary school and one in junior high school. That is the earliest one.

There is a poem in the high school textbook called "Wang Xingkong" (Guo Xiaochuan's poem) and Ai Qing's poem, which made me feel more about poetry.

  Cover News: Do you have many close friends?

  Yu Xiuhua: Almost none.

Even if there are, they are friends with wine and meat.

No one will help you when you are in trouble.

I think that many people can do the icing on the cake, and it is difficult to do so.

  Cover News: Many of your readers are young people. Does your son read your poems?

What do you talk about in the chat?

  Yu Xiuhua: I don't know if my son can't read my poems, we won't talk about it, but I don't know if he read it secretly.

I didn't chat with him much, he only went home on Sunday, and would not come back if he worked overtime.

Look at the phone when I come back.

He doesn't pay attention to the things I do online.

Sometimes I told him that he would still comfort me.

I don't expect much from him.

I don't urge him to talk about his girlfriend or get married.

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can be difficult.

I am really afraid that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law might not be good.

  Cover News: I have read your novel "And in the World". Do you have any plans to write a novel in the future?

  Yu Xiuhua: I wrote novels at the time to practice fonts, not to publish them. I didn't expect to use them later.

I will continue to write novels.

It's just that I haven't started writing, and I've been reading more during this time.

  Cover News: What books do you read?

  Yu Xiuhua: Only one percent of the books I read are poems.

I prefer to read novels, essays, history, etc.

  Cover News: I followed your Douyin, you are very real.

  Yu Xiuhua: I don't know how to shoot my Douyin or my god.

The shot is rough.

Unlike others, I have to pay attention to the lens and the scene. I just take a shot and shoot myself.

I'm not shy yet.


  Cover News: I saw a video of you reading your poem "I Love You" online.

Very touching.

"Babdily living, fetching water, cooking rice, taking medicine on time/when the sun is good, put yourself in, like putting a piece of tangerine peel/tea to drink in rotation: chrysanthemum, jasmine, rose, lemon/these beautiful things seem to be I take the road to the spring/so I hold down the snow in my heart again and again/they are too white and too close to the spring... "

  Yu Xiuhua: That was a video I posted on the official account. I forgot to post it on Douyin.

  Cover News: Do you read comments about your poems?

  Yu Xiuhua: I cannot understand the language of those scholars.

Each critic has his own set of theoretical system and structure, and they put everything into anatomy.

In my opinion, comments and writing have nothing to do with each other.

  Cover News: Nowadays, many people write new poems, but it is not easy to have many readers.

Many people like your poems.

Is there any trick to write poems well and make them like them?

  Yu Xiuhua: I think that writing poems cannot be too straightforward or obscure.

You have to find a way to find a balance in what you write, a balance in language.

  Cover News: In your opinion, what kind of poem is a good poem?

  Yu Xiuhua: There is no fixed standard for good poetry.

Everyone's aesthetic standards are different, and poetry aesthetics need not be the same. If only one standard is used to look at poetry, there is no possibility of a hundred flowers blooming in literature.

  Cover news: I know you made many poetry friends on the poetry forum before you became famous.

Are you still dealing with those poet friends now?

  Yu Xiuhua: I still contact them occasionally, but there is indeed less communication.

The reason is that, on the one hand, everyone has an official account and there is less interaction between poets and friends, unlike the sincere atmosphere of exchanges on forums.

In addition, people's hearts are still complicated after all. Unknowingly, everyone seems to be separated, and it is impossible to maintain the intimacy that they used to be.

  Cover news reporter Zhang Jie, intern Gan Xinyi and Ye Zhihu