A provincial certificate is worth 15,000 yuan. Individual institutions and their parents sign a "guarantee" agreement.

  Ye Shengtao's great-grandson: Ye Cup does not sell certificates!

  "I have repeatedly emphasized that the Ye Cup does not sell certificates. The Ye Cup is a respected event! Now, in order to make money, some people have conscientiously fired a provincial Ye Cup certificate for 15,000 yuan. This is too much. I want to resolutely resist this ugly phenomenon!" On November 20th, the great-grandson of Ye Shengtao, Ye Gang, chairman of the National Organizing Committee of the Ye Cup Series, exposed himself to a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily and denounced the chaos. .

  Parents broke the news

  As long as the corresponding fees are paid, the award can be guaranteed

  According to Ye Gang, recently, some parents reported to the National Organizing Committee of the Ye Cup Series and provided definitive evidence, proving that some organizations have signed a "guarantee" agreement with the parents of participating students, promising that they will be awarded as long as they pay corresponding fees The first prize of the provincial finals of the "Ye Shengtao Cup" series of competitions (composition, language synthesis, English, mathematics, and programming).

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily saw from a screenshot of a WeChat chat log provided by the organizing committee that a user suspected of being a parent asked, "How do you charge for learning to modify the manuscript?" The teacher from the education and training institution responded, " We charge 15,000 yuan as a whole, and then guarantee the first prize in Beijing. We will take the exam on December 13, and there will be three courses before the exam.” Another teacher said in a WeChat reply to the parents of the candidates, “If the prize is not guaranteed, the exam fee is 280 yuan. Pre-examination training for Ye Cup provincial finals: 8,800 yuan, 5 lesson writing one-to-one, guaranteed first prize. 5800 yuan, 5 lesson writing one-on-one, guaranteed second prize."

  Descendants of the Ye Family

  The organizing committee has not authorized any pre-match training

  In response, Ye Gang said that the National Organizing Committee has not authorized any organization or individual to organize paid pre-match training in the name of "Ye Shengtao Cup" or "Ye Shengtao".

"It seems that the Ye Cup is supposed to sell certificates. Why has no one thought about how ugly this is? I have repeatedly emphasized that the Ye Cup is a respected event! It is not setting a threshold for the candidates, but laying them out. Let’s walk towards the steps of self-satisfaction. I want to pass the sunshine into the hearts of the students, so I must resolutely stifle this unhealthy trend and eliminate the black sheep!"

  The National Organizing Committee of Ye Cup also made the following statement in this regard: The National Organizing Committee will set up a unified online examination platform for the “Ye Sheng Tao Cup” series of events to conduct unified examinations.

The platform is maintained by the full-time staff of the National Organizing Committee, and no other local organizing committees have the platform management authority; the previous provincial preliminary contests, provincial finals, and national finals are all set by the National Organizing Committee to set questions uniformly. Announce the test questions. Any other institution (including the local organizing committee) cannot know the content of the test questions before the test begins; after the test, the national organizing committee will organize review experts to uniformly mark the student test papers according to the review rules. Any other institution (Including local organizing committees) do not participate in the review work.

  The organizing committee also stated that it will reserve the right to pursue relevant responsibilities from individual organizations and ask participating students and parents not to be misled by false publicity.

The competition will continue to uphold the competition concept of "fairness, justice and openness" and build a platform for students to show their true ability.

  News memory

  The race concept originated in 1930

  In March 1930, Mr. Ye Shengtao and Mr. Xia Mianzun served as the editor-in-chief of the "Middle School Student" magazine, and solicited papers for the magazine from the society. This is recognized as the origin of the concept of the "Ye Shengtao Cup" competition.

  "Ye Shengtao Cup" competition system, after years of development, now covers mainstream competitions such as composition, language synthesis, mathematics, English, programming, etc., providing a promotion platform for children's needs in an all-round system.

  The "Ye Sheng Tao Cup" series of competitions cultivate young people's interest in learning through on-site creation, competition, thinking development and other activities, and improve students' comprehensive qualities such as culture, eloquence, accumulation, art, and creation.

Through this activity, inherit Mr. Ye Shengtao's educational philosophy, discover and train young talents, and promote young people to lay a solid cultural comprehensive foundation.

Text/Reporter Zhang Enjie Coordinating/Man Yi