China News Service, November 21. On the evening of the 20th, "The Voice of China 2020" ended its three-month musical journey. The 18-year-old Zhejiang girl Shan Yichun won the annual championship. This is also after Li Jian in 2018. Won the honor of "Champion Mentor" for the second time.

Shan Yichun won the annual championship

  At the opening of the night of the peak, the Wuhan students from the previous "The Voice of China" brought the chorus song "The World Wake Up for You", offering affectionate singing to the loveliest hometown.

  Afterwards, the top 18 students of "The Voice of China 2020" sang "Brilliant You" together, and the four major tutors and the "Top 5 students" paid tribute to Wuhan.

Shan Yichun and mentor Li Jian

  Li Yuchun and student Pan Hong brought a song "Queens and Dreams". The choreography of singing and dancing brought a brand new audio-visual experience; Nicholas Tse sang "A Play for Angels" with student Cao Yang, and the old photos in the background were retro. Stage effect; Li Ronghao and trainee Zebra Forest bring a classic golden song "Rewind", the song style with band elements is refreshing; Li Jian, students Shan Yichun and Song Yuning sing "City Lights", a warm and tender melody It ignited the emotional atmosphere of a city.

  It is worth mentioning that that night, the third season annual champion Zhang Bichen once again boarded the stage of "good voice" and sang "The River of Life", the theme song of the movie "Win the Championship."

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  This year, Shan Yichun from Li Jian's team won the annual championship of "The Voice of China 2020" with his stable performance and excellent singing skills.

That night, she sang the two songs "Long Time No See" and "Star Sailing". The rhythm and rhythm were perfect and showed great plasticity.

  "The Voice of China" has reached its ninth year and has experienced the vicissitudes of the Chinese singing scene.

This year, the new tutor team lineup has injected a fresh perspective from the past to the show, and the newly added original track also allows more people to see the original power that cannot be underestimated in the Chinese music scene. For the first time, the band’s entry channel has been opened up to allow more The form of music is presented on the stage of "good sound".