Fukushima New Corona Confirmed 12 new infections A total of 453 people in the prefecture reached 11:43 on November 18

Fukushima Prefecture announced on the 18th that a total of 12 people have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Fukushima City, Iwaki City, and Koori Town.

Fukushima Prefecture has announced that the number of infected people has exceeded 10 since the 4th of this month.

New infections were confirmed in Fukushima City for boys and girls under the age of 10, men in their 20s, men in their 50s, men and women in their 60s, women in their 80s, and Iwaki City. There are a total of 12 men and women in their 50s and women in their 40s in Iwaki Town.

This is the first time we have confirmed an infection in Koori Town.

The prefecture has announced the highest number of infected people per day on the 16th of last month, with 15 people, and more than 10 people since the announcement on the 4th of this month.

Infections have been confirmed in Fukushima Prefecture for eight consecutive days, and the cumulative number of infected people has reached 453.