'The late Choi Jin-sil's son' Choi Hwan-hee (19) makes her official debut as a singer.

On the 18th, the agency Rothschild Entertainment said, "Choi Hwan-hee's active name is Z.

On the 20th, Choi Hwan-hee will release his debut single'Designer'.

I wrote the song myself and added the lyrics.

Here, harmony was achieved through a duet with the female singer HONDAM, who debuted as a girl group.

Regarding the activity name'Z.flat', Choi Hwan-hee said, "The music codes range from A to G. Z.flat is a code that does not exist. It means that I will do music that does not exist in the world. I want to work hard as an independent musician." Delivered aspirations.

Choi Hwan-hee's singer debut was supported by the current YG producer Robin. Robin is a talented producer who wrote and arranged Akdong musician '200%', Wanna One'I promise', Super Junior'GAME', and Momoland'Banana Chacha'. Choi Hwan-hee is a member of Rothschild, a new agency whose representative is Robin.

Robin explained to Hwanhee Choi, "a talent with musical creativity and a sense," and "he had both appearance, skill, and starness. We plan to grow into Rothschild's representative producer and artist in the future. Please look forward to that move."

[Photo = Provided by Rothschild Entertainment]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)