Jonathann Daval with Alexia's parents, in Gray on November 2, 2017. -


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Three years after the murder of Alexia, Jonathann Daval tried in Vesoul

It is a case that had moved France three years ago.

Jonathann Daval appears on Monday before the Vesoul Assize Court for the murder of his wife, Alexia, at the end of 2017. Above all, he will be confronted with the parents of the victim, who considered him "as a son".

Even if the investigators very quickly saw in him the presumed culprit, the investigation knew many twists.

Jonathann Daval first for three months aroused the compassion of the French who saw him mourning the death of his wife alongside his in-laws.

Then he will eventually admit to being responsible for his death.

But his version will evolve, going so far as to accuse his brother-in-law of the murder before retracting.

Finally, on the day of the reconstruction of the murder, in June 2019, begged by the mother of the victim, he confesses again.

His trial should shed some light on the relationship between the couple.

The trial of a massacre avoided in the Thalys in 2015 opens in Paris

Five years after opening fire in a Thalys connecting Amsterdam to Paris and injuring two people, Ayoub el Khazzani appears from Monday before a special assize court for "attempted assassinations in connection with a terrorist enterprise" and "association criminal terrorist evildoers ”.

Alongside this 31-year-old Moroccan, in the accused's box, three men are on trial for their involvement in this attack, sponsored by the coordinator of the jihadist attacks of November 13, Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

It was the courageous intervention of a few passengers, including American soldiers on vacation, which undoubtedly made it possible to avoid carnage.

Dominion software, new target of the Trump camp to cry fraud

This is the new angle of attack of the Trump camp to denounce the “theft” of the American presidential election: the Dominion electoral software would have, according to him, erased or reassigned to his rival millions of votes intended for the president.

What do we know? 

20 Minutes

takes stock, even if that should not change the result which gives Joe Biden 306 voters against 232 for the incumbent.


Accused of violating professional secrecy, Jonathann Daval's lawyer released


Five years after the attacks of November 13, a series of tributes against a background of maximum terrorist threat

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