BFM TV broadcasts Monday and Tuesday evening a documentary dedicated to the Daval affair, the trial of which is just beginning.

In four 26-minute episodes, it traces the murder of Alexia Daval, from its beginnings to the husband's confession.

Marie Peyraube, journalist and co-director, presented her series in four episodes in "Culture Médias".


The first episode takes place before the murder.

By SMS, Alexia Daval confides in her best friend: "It is a desperate case which does not include / understand anything to the women, to me, who thinks only of him", she writes about her husband.

Opposite, Jonathann Daval complains about his wife's reproaches.

These authentic messages, BFM TV was able to consult them to make its documentary

Daval, the series

, broadcast Monday and Tuesday evening, on the occasion of the opening of the trial.

"There is of course an investigative secret, which runs until the verdict, but we had access to a lot of things", affirms Marie Peyraube, journalist and co-director. 

In four times 26 minutes, the documentary traces the murder of Alexia Daval, from its beginnings to the husband's confession.

In the first episode, explains the journalist, "Jonathann Daval tells how he came to kill Alexia".

The voice of the alleged murderer is interpreted by a comedian, who recounts his journey in first person.

"It's a particular, very strong way of storytelling," says Marc-Olivier Fogiel, director of the channel. 

"It was very moving to film"

Over the course of the documentary, archive footage, extracts from television news and interviews with the main protagonists of the case are mixed.

"There are Alexia's parents, Jonathann's mother, lawyers for both parties… There are contradictory voices, everyone has the floor," says Marie Peyraube.

In the last episode, the mother of the victim tells with emotion the moment when her son-in-law confessed, after having outplayed the grieving widower on all the TV channels.

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The scene takes place three months after the murder, in the office of the examining magistrate.

"He threw himself on my knees, he completely let go. I took him in my arms to thank him for speaking," says Isabelle Fouillot.

"The Fouillot parents are quite extraordinary. They had an inordinate love for their son-in-law and that love is still there despite the grief, the crime and the horror. And that was very moving to film."


Daval, the series,

Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 November at 9 p.m. on BFM TV