[Explanation] On November 14, Jilin, a major province of ice and snow tourism, officially launched the new snow season. The six major ski resorts in the province announced the "open board" on the same day.

The snow tour, which was severely affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, became hot again.

  Jilin Province, along with the European Alps and the Rocky Mountains of North America, is located in the golden latitude zone of 42-43 degrees north latitude. It is one of the three largest powder snow bases in the world.

In recent years, the local area has continuously explored and developed the "platinum industry", and its international influence has increased day by day.

  At the Vanke Songhua Lake International Tourism Resort in Jilin City, Jilin Province officially held the opening ceremony of the new snow season and the opening ceremony of the ski resort.

The five sub-venues of Changbai Mountain Scenic Area, Beidahu Ski Resort, Changchun Ice and Snow Xintiandi, Chagan Lake Scenic Area, Changbai Mountain International Resort, etc., interact with the main venue in real time through 5G communication technology.

  In the six well-equipped ski resorts, China’s well-known ski clubs and ice and snow travel enthusiasts celebrated the "opening of the board", and nearly 10,000 people completed the "first ski" in the new snow season.

  Liu Mixuan, a ski enthusiast from Shenyang, Liaoning Province, has been paying attention to the information related to the "opening" of the ski resort. After learning the accurate information, she and her partners came to Jilin City early.

  [Concurrent] Liu Mixuan, a ski enthusiast

  Last year, I stopped skiing in mid-January, and then I went to the indoor ski resort once.

This year's words have opened up again, so come here again.

  [Explanation] Zeng Xiaoye from Zhejiang is also a bit "can't wait."

As the former main snowboard member of the Chinese national team, he has won the Swiss European Cup.

Currently, the retired Zeng Xiaoye has opened an ice and snow sports training institution in Jilin City.

  [Concurrent] Snowboarder Zeng Xiaoye

  In winter (there are) Beida Lake and Songhua Lake, and there is dry snow in summer. In this way, 24 hours, 12 months and 365 days, we can rotate continuously.

It can greatly increase our Jilin City's millions of citizens on ice and snow and 300 million people on ice and snow to prepare for the Winter Olympics.

As well as our champion’s experience in the competition and the field experience, we can better give those young people who are willing to learn, including those who love this project, to better (pass) experience.

  [Explanation] In the near future, the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism also plans to issue ice and snow consumption coupons to tourists and ice and snow lovers, and coordinate all regions and ice and snow enterprises to stimulate ice and snow tours to "return on track" through ticket reductions and consumption discounts. Speed ​​up the realization of the new season of "Silver for Snow".

  [Concurrent] Wu Tao, General Manager of Vanke Songhua Lake Resort Ski Resort

  It is mainly aimed at young people, because young people ski more snowboards, and the other is youth skiing, focusing on these two aspects.

Another is mainly a family vacation guest, the southern group.

From the ticketing system, we are all on the automatic ticket vending machine. Tickets can be bought directly online, which makes it more convenient for guests. Reservations can also be done online.

  Reporter Lu Shengnan reports from Jilin City

Editor in charge: [Tian Boqun]