Group BTS was selected as the winner in the music category of'The WSJ Magazine 2020 Innovator Awards' by Wall Street Journal in the United States and decorated the cover of'The Innovators Issue'. 

The Wall Street Journal in the United States announced the winners of each category of '2020 Innovator of the Year', including the winners of the music category, BTS, through a streaming website ( on the 11th at 8 pm local time.

The Wall Street Journal magazine has been selecting innovators in various fields related to culture such as music, TV, art, and literature every year, and this year is the 10th. 

Regarding the reason why the Wall Street Journal magazine selected BTS as the winner of the '2020 Innovator of the Year' music category, “BTS is often referred to as the 21st Century Beatles.

It broke the formula of the boy band, led the concept of fandom to a new area, and globalized the genre of K-pop.

Their influence goes beyond music.

In June, BTS donated to a meaningful campaign, and fans joined the campaign and collected the same amount of donation in one day.

This is the innovation and leadership that the world needs today.” 

RM said, “We are just ordinary children who love music and performance.

I dream of giving people hope and love, positive energy and inspiration.” 

BTS also mentioned the message'Love yourself, Speak yourself', which has been steadily spreading through music.

Jin explained, “When I was a student, I didn't love myself, but as I did this, I became loved by so many people, and that's how I started giving love.” 

J-Hope also said, “The message of'Love yourself, Speak yourself' is very special to me, too.” “It is a message from the team called BTS, but it is an important subject that has very influenced us.” 

Also, Jimin said, “I think the members made it that way.

The relationship with the members, the relationship between us and the fans,” said V. “I think the situation will be a lot difficult for everyone in the world, but the more we do this, the more positive we are I wish I could have bullets loaded.” 

Bulletproof Boy Scouts also expressed their views on the meaning of'innovation'.

Suga said, “Innovation seems to be'not stopping'.

It is most important not to settle down, but to keep changing.” Jungkook defined, “If I achieve something in small things and feel in it, would it be an innovation?” 

On the other hand, BTS said. The new album'BE (Deluxe Edition)' will be released to the world at the same time on the 20th. It is known that BTS has actively participated in the overall production of the album, including not only songs, but also composition, concept, and music videos, and fans are drawing attention and expectations. 


(SBS New Media Department)