On November 12, at the Puzhen Tie-dye Workshop in Zhoucheng Village, Dali, Yunnan, more than 20 media professionals from both sides of the strait experienced the tie-dyeing skills of the Bai ethnic group.

  Tie-dyeing raw materials are pure white cloth or cotton-linen blended white cloth, and the dyes are blue indigo solutions of natural plants such as Isatis indigotica, Isatis indigotica, and Mugwort, among which Isatis indigotica is the majority.

The process is divided into design, drafting, stitching, dip-dyeing, stitch removal, rinsing, inspection and other processes.

The Bai nationality’s tie-dyeing skills have been passed on for thousands of years.

It was included in the national intangible cultural heritage protection list in 2006.

  Reporter Li Xuefeng

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]