[Explanation] Due to arrears of rent to the landlord and refunds to the tenants, Eggshell Apartments has been caught in a debt collection storm recently.

On the morning of November 12th, the reporter came to the headquarters of Beijing Eggshell Company and saw that many users who came to defend their rights were queuing to pick up their numbers, waiting to communicate with the staff.

  [Explanation] Around 10 am, more than 140 numbers have been sent to the scene, and the number of people who come to pick up numbers is still increasing.

  [Live Sound]

  (How long does it take?)

  Row 140, come in this afternoon, come over at two o'clock.

  [Explanation] Most of the people who came to the scene that day were landlords and tenants.

Some landlords said that they came to defend their rights because they did not receive the rent paid by Eggshell on time. However, tenants responded more to the situation that the landlord did not receive the refund on time after the landlord came to cancel the contract and canceled the rent.

  [Live Voice] Landlord

  It’s almost a month, and it doesn’t give me any money. It (Eggshell Company) told me to wait for half a month and wait for 15 working days. I waited for 15 working days. Now it’s over 5 working days. (Eggshell Company) didn't say anything, I just came here.

  [Live Voice] Tenant

  I have already cancelled my rent. (I'm here to ask for) my remaining rent. It (Eggshell Company) said to call me within 5 days. I came here once yesterday, and then I came to a bank message last night saying my bank card information Wrong, I have only one bank card for one bank, and I get the right words one by one, just to find a reason not to give us money.

  [Live Voice] Tenant

  They are not saying that the quarterly payment is changed to the monthly payment. The landlord disagrees. In addition, they have not received the money. Now (the landlord) wants to collect the house.

(Then have you contacted them?) It doesn't work. Contact the butler. The butler said to report upwards, but it hasn't responded yet. The homeowner on Renjia's No. 14 is about to collect the house.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw at the scene that there were more than a dozen eggshell staff members communicating with users.

A tenant said that his landlord had terminated the contract with Eggshell. In order to get the rent refund smoothly, he had queued up from 7 in the morning. However, after communicating with the staff until 11, he still failed to solve the problem as desired.

  [Live Sound]

  (Staff) There will definitely be a butler who will withdraw the rent to contact you before 5 o'clock this afternoon.

Which number can you move out, so that he settles with you, and the future rent will be refunded to you.

  (Tenant) Can you write a proof or something?

  (Staff) There is no certificate. Now the company can't issue any certificate. What certificate can I personally write to you?

  (Tenant) You solve that we can't see the result, we can't see any result?

At least show me one?

  (Staff) No, no, none of the owners.

I can only tell you that the refund of the rent will arrive in 7 to 14 working days.

  Then the money can't be paid when the time comes?

  (Staff) I can't help it if the money arrives.

  [Explanation] Several landlords and tenants who have communicated with each other said that they are not satisfied with the results of Eggshell’s verbal promise of refunds. If the payment is not received within the time limit, they will also consider legal means to continue to defend their rights.

  [Explanation] In order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the situation, the reporter has also tried many times to contact the relevant person in charge of the eggshell company, but as of the time of publication, no response has been received.

  Reporter Shan Lu reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]