Shaanxi "11.4" Qiaoziliang coal mine accident search and rescue work ended, the remains of 8 missing persons were found

  At 13:15 on November 4, a coal mine accident occurred in Tongchuan Qiaoziliang Coal Industry Co., Ltd., Yintai District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. 42 people entered the mine on duty, 34 were safely lifted, and 8 people lost contact.

As of 23:45 on November 10, after full rescue efforts, the remains of 8 trapped people have been found and transported out of the well.

So far, the search and rescue work is all over.

Currently, aftermath handling and accident investigation are being carried out.

(Headquarters CCTV reporter Yang Yutong, Yan Xingguang, Meng Hanjiang, money treasury, Meng Tao, and Gao Tao)