Friends of yesterday, friends of today? 

How are our childhood friendships different?


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Friendships formed during childhood are often strongly anchored in memory.

Joys, confidences, trials, arguments, reconciliations ... We can share everything with a childhood friend.


If for some, the friendship continues while growing, for others, the distance, the differences can lead to estrangement.

How to explain this unique link?

How are our childhood friendships different?

Elisabeth Brami

, clinical psychologist and writer.

Author of

I have no friends and so?

(Youth Pocket Edition),

My best friend has moved, so what?

(Youth Pocket Editions), and

Old Children

(Casterman Editions)

Margot Fried-Filliozat

, sex therapist, author of

Friendship - Making friends and keeping them

(Editions Nathan), notebook for children.

Kevin Diter

, sociologist, researcher associated with

the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health

(EHESP) and associated with



His research focuses on the well-being of children.


the testimony of Sophie and Elisabeth, friends for 50 years, collected by

Raphaëlle Constant



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