[Well-off China] Immersive performances in Yaxi Ancient Village, Jeonnam, Jiangxi: Ancient charm and relics amaze tourists

  [Explanation] On November 7th, during the second Taojiang Tourism and Culture Festival in Quannan County, Jiangxi, a special and fascinating immersive performance "Yaxi Tangjian" was staged in the millennium Yaxi Ancient Village.

  [Explanation] With the sound of beating the drums, tourists from all over the country crossed the Yafeng Bridge and pushed open the bamboo door.

From the entrance of Yaxi to the ancient rhyme stage, there are performances along the road such as girls sunning the blue water, Hakka men and women singing folk songs, crowd dancing incense dragon, and ancient rhyme stage throwing hydrangea. Tourists enthusiastically participate in the interaction or take pictures.

  [Concurrent] Nanchang tourist Ms. Yang

  Hakka culture is very good, let us understand Hakka culture, this is the first time to come here, the first time I feel this kind of interactive tour.

  [Concurrent] Nanchang tourist Mr. Wu

  I was a little impulsive at the time. Both of us wanted to perform on it. The interaction was very good.

  [Explanation] According to Tong Zhenshan, the person in charge of the operation of the Yaxi Ancient Village Scenic Area, in recent years, through tourism development, the ancient village has been greatly improved in its landscape and style. They feel that efforts should be made to enhance the sense of participation and interaction of tourists.

  [Concurrent] Tong Zhenshan, Operation Manager of Yaxi Ancient Village, Quannan County, Jiangxi Province

  By digging out some of Yaxi’s humanities and stories, we compiled Yaxi Tang Jian (script), including chapters such as welcoming guests, provincial intangible cultural heritage incense dragon, marriage, villagers resisting mountain bandits, and then performing singing, dancing, and folklore. Come to perform Tang Jian performance, so that visitors can deeply feel our Hakka customs and Hakka folk customs.

  [Explanation] It is understood that Quannan County, located at the southernmost tip of Jiangxi Province, received 3 million tourists in 2019, and more than 80% of the tourists came from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

In recent years, Quannan County has created high standards to serve the important tourist destinations in the Greater Bay Area, and launched four travel business cards, "Aromatic Jeonnam", "Longevity Jeonnam", "Kayao Quannan", and "Pastoral Jeonnam". The supporting elements of shopping entertainment have been continuously improved.

  Reporter Jiang Tao from Jeonnam, Jiangxi

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]