A rabid dog lashes an Egyptian baby to death in Alexandria

A rabid dog ravaged the body of a baby, no more than one month old, in the Amiriya region, west of Alexandria, Egypt, which led to his death, while his mother was injured while trying to save him.

The Amiriya Police Department received a report from the families stating that a baby was killed, attacked by a rabid dog, ripped off his body and severely injured him in the head and neck, and died, so officers of the Department's Investigation Unit moved to the report site, and the examination found that the child died (MJ - 30 days). Following his injuries to the head, neck and various parts of the body, and his mother was wounded in her right arm.

And by asking the child's father about the accident, he confirmed that while his wife was in her home on the first floor, a stray dog ​​sneaked into their infant's room, pecked him in the head and body, and died.

The mother added, in the investigations, that while she was trying to save her child from the dog, she also hit her right arm, which led to her injury, and said that she appealed to the neighbors who chased the dog and killed him.

The body of the child was transferred to the morgue of Al-Amiriya General Hospital, and a report on the incident was filed at Al-Amiriya Police Station (second), and the Public Prosecution ordered to summon the child's parents to inquire with them, and to request investigations of the investigations into the incident.