China News Service, Beijing, November 6th (Chen Hang) From January to September this year, Beijing’s accumulated fine days were 197 days, an increase of 32 days compared to the same period last year; the accumulated days of heavy air pollution were 10 days.

  According to a report from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment on the 6th, from January to September this year, the cumulative concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in Beijing was 39 micrograms/m3, a year-on-year decrease of 7.1%. "The city is the best; the cumulative concentrations of inhalable particulate matter (PM10) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) both dropped by more than 19% year-on-year.

  The report shows that Beijing has strengthened the control of dust, issued construction waste disposal management regulations and other documents, built a comprehensive monitoring platform for construction dust video, and strengthened "closed-loop management" of illegal activities.

From January to September, the amount of dustfall in Beijing was 5.8 tons per square kilometer per month, a year-on-year decrease of 10.8%.

  At the same time, Beijing continues to promote law enforcement supervision.

Ecological environment, public security, water affairs, housing construction, urban management and other departments coordinate and cooperate to strictly investigate and deal with environmental violations.

The ecological environment department investigated and punished 3144 cases of fixed sources, fined more than 66.3 million yuan, inspected 2.15 million heavy diesel vehicles, and investigated 102,000 vehicles.

  In order to prepare for the emergency response to heavy air pollution, in accordance with the principle of classification and precise management and control, Beijing has implemented performance grading for "17+3" key industries, and revised the list of 1,689 enterprises and 2,545 emergency emission reductions on construction sites. Implement hierarchical management in pollution emergency to avoid "one size fits all".

  According to the data released on the same day, the proportion of water quality sections in Beijing's surface water national assessment section I to III is 60%, there is no inferior Grade V water quality section, and the annual target requirements are dynamically met.

The soil environmental quality is generally good.