Tribute to Samuel Paty in Muret (Haute-Garonne) this Monday -


A 15-year-old Villeurbanne was to be presented to the Lyon minor prosecutor's office on Wednesday.

The teenager, educated at the André Cuzin vocational high school in Caluire (Rhône), was arrested late Monday afternoon after threatening to behead his teacher, the very day of the national tribute to Samuel Paty.

Pupil in second, the boy would have launched: "I am going to cut off his head.

“Summoned by the principal of the establishment, he then tried to minimize his remarks, reveals the Sûreté du Rhône.

He said he said about his teacher that he "wanted to have his head cut off".

These explanations did not convince the principal.

Then placed in custody, the teenager finally admitted the facts.


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