China Weather News Today (November 2), Beijing's northerly wind is blowing strong, gusts can reach 6 to 7.

With the roaring wind, the temperature dropped, and the lowest temperature tonight will be as low as freezing point, the lowest in the second half of this year.

The weather will continue to be sluggish after tomorrow, and the public should keep warm.

  Yesterday, the weather in Beijing was sunny and the highest temperature during the day was 17.7℃. The temperature was not low, but the northerly wind was strong and the wind chill effect was obvious.

  Today, Beijing's strong winds are back, and the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning signal for strong winds at 16:45 yesterday afternoon.

The temperature dropped under the roaring wind, and the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a weather forecast at 6 o'clock this morning. It is expected that it will be fine during the day, with a northerly wind of magnitude 4 (Gust 6 or 7), and a maximum temperature of 15℃; The temperature is 0℃.

  Today, the northerly wind is strong, the wind chill effect is obvious, and the temperature drops. The public should pay attention to wind and warmth, and prevent falling objects from high altitude; if the air is dry, you must also pay attention to the safety of fire and electricity, and beware of fire.

Feel cold at night and can be covered with a quilt to keep warm.

  The day after tomorrow, Beijing will still be sunny and the temperature will continue to be low, with the highest temperature being 13-14°C and the lowest temperature being 1-2°C.

The weather is mainly sunny to cloudy in the middle and late period of the week, and the temperature has picked up slightly in the middle of the week.

The temperature has been fluctuating recently, the public please pay more attention to the weather forecast, adjust your dress in time, and beware of colds.