Queen Elisabeth II during her address, Sunday April 5, 2020. -

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While season 4 of

The Crown will

soon land on Netflix, is it a disastrous rumor that returns across the Channel?

What if Queen Elizabeth II abdicates?

The question has come up regularly for several years.

But the approach, on April 21, of his 95th birthday pushes the monarch a little more towards retirement.

The royal expert Robert Jobson, rather a specialist in Prince Charles (each his own thing, we do not judge) told, in the program 

The Royal Beat

, that he had spotted concomitant signals indicating a handover in the spring between the mother and her 71 year old son.

Relocation and consequence

First of all, age.

Prince Philip, Elizabeth's husband, retired on his 95th birthday.

The queen could follow his example.

Then there is health.

While Elizabeth II appears to be in great shape for her age, the coronavirus epidemic has forced her to settle for good at Windsor Castle, while Buckingham Palace is the residence of the ruling monarch.

Above all, Prince Charles has been chomping at the bit for many years now.

However, it seems that he is preparing more and more actively to take over.

Robert Jobson notes, for example, that the prince has sold his very expensive Home Farm, a farm in which he has put all his love, and part of his heritage, for more than 30 years.

Early retirement (or death)

However, the specialist of the royal crown doubts a real abdication.

Elizabeth II has always said her aversion to this practice.

She is more likely to retire, appointing Charles as Prince Regent.

He will then effectively become king only on the death of his mother.

Unless at that point, he in turn chooses to pass the hand directly to his own son, William, as many British subjects wish.

But that is a rumor and another story.


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