China News Service, Jinhua, November 1st (Zhang Bin Xi Jinyan) To a certain extent, Hengdian is one of the most famous towns in China: 1/4 of the movies in China, 1/3 of TV series, 2/3 of costume dramas are here For shooting, more than 1,300 film and television companies have worked hard here.

From professional service organizations, catering and accommodation to group performance organizations, martial arts, etc., market-led, this has formed the densest film and television industry cluster in China.

  After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the largest offline event in China's film and television industry-the 2020 Hengdian Film Festival and the seventh "Wen Rong Award" awards ceremony was held here in Hengdian, Dongyang, Zhejiang.

Through this event and the "good show" being produced in Hengdian, the post-epidemic recovery of China's film and television industry, opportunities, and those seemingly lofty "ambitions" have revealed "indications."

The film and television series being filmed in Hengdian-"Qiao Family Daughter" set.

Photo by Zhang Bin

Recovery: After the epidemic, the film and television industry is gradually recovering

  After the outbreak, the production crew was suspended, theaters closed, bases closed...Hengdian film and television industry was under tremendous impact and pressure.

In May of this year, Hengdian officially resumed work, and then ushered in an unexpected "boot wave".

As of the end of October this year, Hengdian has received a total of 277 crews. Currently, 54 crews are filming and more than 70 crews are preparing, which is more than 2019.

  "No winter cannot be overcome, no spring will not come." said Xu Tianfu, vice president of Hengdian Group and chairman of Hengdian Film and Television Co., Ltd. In Hengdian, China still has the most start-up crews, the most extras, and the most complete industry in China. chain.

  "It is very convenient to film in Hengdian. Whether it is props such as swords, sticks and swords, or machinery and equipment such as lights, you can find them in the shortest time without expending too much energy." The film and television series being shot in Hengdian-"The Daughter of Qiao Family" "On-site producer Li Changhai told a reporter from that every minute and every second after filming of the film and television series is a cost, which makes Hengdian the best cost-saving filming location.

"After the epidemic, a lot of crews came to Hengdian to start work. In the beginning, there was a lack of group performances. Now the situation is better."

Expo Color Montage Film Art New Media Installation Art Exhibition Site.

Photo by Zhang Bin

  Behind the rapid recovery momentum is clear business logic.

"The'blowout' growth is essentially due to the release of the epidemic's suppression of the film and television industry." At the first Hengdian Film and Television Culture Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo), the executive general manager of Shanghai Shangshi Films and Wuan Communication Zhou Yu analyzed that the production of film and television dramas needs to consider the copyright cycle of scripts and other literary original works.

After the epidemic, shooting as soon as possible is the key to reducing costs.

  At the expo, domestic and foreign film and television institutions and enterprises concentrated on exhibiting the entire film and television industry chain including film and television production equipment and technology, setting, clothing, props, and makeup.

The market confidence can be seen from the observation of the “one-to-one” production and screening of film and television dramas.

  At the Expo site, China Film Equipment Co., Ltd. displayed various filming equipment.

Liu Kai, the person in charge of the company's booth, said that this year, market demand has declined.

After the resumption of work, the demand, including Hengdian and other places, rose rapidly, and it is expected to fully recover next year.

Tong Xin, the relevant person in charge of the marketing department of China Film Barco, who is engaged in the film projector business, said that the holding of such a large-scale film and television industry summit in Hengdian made him "feel that the industry will recover soon."

The scene of the New Era Film and Television Cultural Industry Development Conference·Hengdian Summit.

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Opportunity: The path of high-quality development becomes clearer

  How to see "new opportunities" in the epidemic crisis has been widely discussed.

  Zhou Yu told reporters that the deep impact of the epidemic on the film and television industry has already manifested.

Especially this year, short and sophisticated web skits have gradually become the "new favorite" of the market. This is also a change in the industry's hope to reduce the production cycle as much as possible and reduce risks such as shutdowns caused by the epidemic.

  "The business model of Chinese film and television dramas is also changing, from the past'advertising model' to more diversified, such as paid viewing, advertising placement, peripheral development, etc." Zhou Yu believes that China's film and television industry is currently facing many opportunities, on the one hand After the epidemic, China’s domestic epidemic has been brought under control, attracting the attention of more overseas partners; on the other hand, the scale of the Chinese market is more effective, and the vertical field of the film and television industry is facing huge market potential.

"Investors and practitioners still have to settle down and invest more time and energy in the front-end IP incubation to create more truly good works."

Expo scene.

Photo by Zhang Bin

  In addition, the high-quality "new look" of the entire film and television industry chain was displayed at the expo.

At the Huanyu Film and Television booth, the exquisite costumes that appeared in hit dramas such as "The Sideburns Are Not Begonia Red" attracted the audience.

The person in charge of the booth introduced that the costumes in Huanyu's film and television works contain profound Chinese excellent traditional culture. The company is focusing on presenting traditional costumes with intangible heritage elements, conveying the concept of cultural confidence, and participating in the high-quality development of the industry.

  "The quality of Chinese film and television dramas has improved, and the functional requirements of filming equipment and service channels have also been upgraded. All links in the industry chain are optimizing to complete more ideas of the producers." Engaged in the R&D and sales of photography lighting tripod accessories The person in charge of the KUPO booth said that the improvement of audience quality has also become an important driving force for the high-quality development of film and television dramas.

The 7th "Wen Rong Award" award ceremony scene.

Photo courtesy of the organizer

"Yewang": To build "the world's strongest film and television industry base"

  On November 1, the New Era Film and Television Culture Industry Development Conference·Hengdian Summit and the seventh "Wenrong Award" award ceremony were held in Hengdian one after another. This film and television event ushered in a climax.

  During the grand event, Hengdian attracted hundreds of Chinese-made new films for offline promotion, hundreds of exhibitors for display, and representatives of competent authorities, local governments, industry associations and other attending various activities.

Why does Hengdian have such "charm"?

Local service awareness and system design are important reasons.

  "The ability to resume work soon after the epidemic and exceed the same period last year, especially the holding of a film and television event of this size, to promote industry exchanges and listen to everyone's opinions and suggestions, reflects Hengdian's "nanny-style" service for the film and television industry." "Executive producer Li Jishan said.

  In addition to the convenience brought by the agglomeration of market elements, the "operations" such as "Free admission to Hangzhou West Lake" have also made Hengdian gain praise: since the end of 2019, all studios in Hengdian will be free of charge to film and modern, contemporary, and science fiction film crews. Opening up, the annual profit reaches hundreds of millions of yuan (RMB, the same below).

Hengdian Yuanming New Garden at night.

Photo by Zhang Bin

  In June of this year, the Hengdian Film and Television Cultural Industry Cluster (hereinafter referred to as the cluster) was officially listed, which is the only provincial cultural industry cluster in Zhejiang.

Its system design is really rare: the leading group of the management committee of the agglomeration area is composed of personnel from the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Jinhua City, Dongyang City and the private enterprise-Hengdian Group.

  Cao Yiqin, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Gathering District, executive deputy director of the Management Committee, and member of the Standing Committee of Dongyang Municipal Party Committee, believes that this system design demonstrates the determination of all parties in the province to transform the advantages of systems and mechanisms into development advantages and promote the leap-forward development of the Hengdian film and television cultural industry And confidence.

"From the government level, (we) are committed to building a government that knows the most about film and television, continuously innovating industrial policies, strengthening industry guidance, and providing "nanny-style" one-stop service."

  In 2019, Hengdian achieved revenue of 28.112 billion yuan, accumulated revenue of 153.835 billion yuan, received more than 2,800 crews, and 180 million tourists... At present, Hengdian has built a world-leading film and television live shooting base.

As the film and television industry continues to change, the local area is taking breakthroughs in technological innovation, property rights trading, distribution and screening, and script creation, to launch a sprint towards "ambition" to build the "world's strongest film and television industry base".

  Recently, for the first time, China clearly proposed to build a cultural power by 2035.

China's film and television industry, represented by Hengdian, is participating.