China News Service, Beijing, November 1 (Reporter Wang Enbo) With the arrival of the standard time for the census at zero o'clock on November 1, 2020, the seventh national census has officially entered the registration stage.

  According to reports, in Beijing alone, 115,000 census personnel will enter thousands of households from the 1st and register census information item by person. During this period, 10% of households will be randomly selected to fill in the long census form. Detailed demographic information.

The entire registration process will continue until December 10.

In the census registration stage, the census agency will also carry out comparative review and post-mortem quality spot checks to ensure that the census registration is true, accurate, and accurate.

  The seventh national census form is divided into four forms: short census form, long census form, census form for residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreigners, and death population survey form.

In order to facilitate households to declare census information, for the first time in this census, the short form of the census adopts the method of self-filling by census objects, and they can declare personal and family information by scanning the QR code online with mobile terminals.

This action reduces the intermediate links in data collection and reporting, improves the quality of census data, and strengthens the protection of personal information security.

  The reporter saw in the Longzeyuan Community of Changping District, Beijing on the morning of the 1st that the names, photos and other information of the census personnel in the area were publicized in obvious places in the community.

Census personnel are dressed in clothing with census logos, uniform census personnel certificates and masks, and they are registered in groups of two.

The staff collects relevant household information item by item through mobile terminal equipment, and the householder confirms and submits it. The registration process for a household takes about 15 minutes.

  According to Wang Jianhua, deputy director of the Beijing Changping District Statistics Bureau and executive deputy director of the Changping District Census Office, Changping District is divided into 10,775 census districts, each with about 80 to 100 households, with about 10,000 census workers. In terms of workload, basically one enumerator is responsible for a census district, and the workload of each enumerator is between 250 and 300."

  Whether there is a risk of personal information leakage in the census is a matter of general concern to the outside world.

It is understood that the census agency will strengthen the protection of citizens’ personal information throughout the entire process. No unit or individual shall provide or disclose citizens’ personal information, and shall not be used as a basis for specific administrative actions against census subjects, and shall not be used for purposes other than the census. .

  An enumerator from Longzeyuan Community, Longzeyuan Street, Changping District, told reporters that in order to do a good job, all enumerators have participated in various business trainings organized by neighborhoods and communities, and they are proficient in census indicators and reporting skills. And passed the national platform census examiner examination, "it can be said to be a certified post." At the same time, the enumerators also signed a confidentiality commitment to ensure that household information will not be leaked. (Finish)