The TF1 group channel offers a special edition of "Chroniques criminelles" on Saturday.

In order to celebrate Halloween in a truly spooky way, the show devotes an issue of its magazine to serial killers.

Even if it means being scary, the TF1 group channel offers to go there thoroughly, without falling into superstitions or ghost stories.

She offers for her bonus on Saturday a new issue of her magazine

Chroniques criminelles, 

devoted to serial killers. 

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An extreme casting

The show, presented by Julie Denayer, promises to make us discover very real monsters, presented to us by Jacques Pradel who ensures, as always, the narration of this number.

"We picked the three worst criminals we keep talking about in America today," he announced.

And the list enumerated by Jacques Pradel is indeed chilling: "Samuel Little, 93 victims, who have been called 'the Picasso of crime', Ted Bundy the unsuspected 'killer with the head of an angel' and 36 victims, and finally John Wayne Gacy, 'the killer clown'. We are in extremes of crime. "

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Criminals who fascinate the public

The show looks back on the journey of these serial killers, with an attempt to decipher their actions.

For Jacques Pradel, the public's attraction for these stories is very strong.

"This fascination exists for serial killers, women write to them in prison, sometimes to marry them, even if this remains rare" he recalls.

An attraction which has for him several factors.

"This fascination is due to the shock caused by the enormity of the facts, to our repulsion and our desire to understand," he explains.

"That's what

Criminal Chronicles


, by explaining the investigative work carried out around these real-life thrillers."