• Financing: The Government meets the demands of Rosa María Mateo and raises the budget for RTVE by 25%





have voted against a proposal presented in Parliament by


in which the opposition group demanded that the system of election of the members of the Board of Directors of RTVE and its president not be modified, according to the which must have the approval of a qualified majority of three fifths of the Chamber.

Citizens has presented this Thursday a Proposal for a Resolution to the reports on compliance with the Framework Mandate to the RTVE Corporation corresponding to the years 2017 and 2018 for debate in the

Joint Parliamentary Control


of the RTVE Corporation and its companies


In the vote on this letter, the spokesmen of the PSOE and Podemos have expressed their vote against, specifying their disagreement specifically for one of the points contained in the document.

The point that has caused the rejection of the PSOE and Podemos literally indicates the following: «Reject any bill or proposal that modifies the reinforced majority provided for the appointment of the members of the Board of Directors of the CRTVE and its presidency, contemplated in the

Law 17/2006

, of June 5, on state-owned radio and television, so that these appointments can be made by an absolute majority of the Cortes Generales or by any of the Chambers ”.

The spokesperson for Podemos

María Márquez

explained her position regarding the initiatives proposed by Ciudadanos in the Commission: «The first seems quite reasonable to us, and the second also, but we do not share point B with which we will have to vote against ».

For his part, PSOE spokesman

Miguel Ángel Vázquez

, gave the following explanation to justify his rejection of Ciudadanos's approach: “We are not going to support the Citizens' resolution directed at the reports because it maintains point B that we understand has sneaked into an issue that has nothing to do with the development of this commission.

This point raised by Ciudadanos and that has motivated the disagreement of the PSOE and Podemos spokespersons aims to prevent a change of rules similar to the one that the Government has attempted in the selection of the RTVE Board of Directors and its future president apply recently for the renewal of

the General Council of the Judiciary


The government coalition parties have not wanted to commit to this.

"We are concerned that RTVE will try the same as with the CGPJ and that it has scandalized Europe,"

Guillermo Díaz

, spokesman for Citizens in the Mixed Commission, told EL MUNDO


"We have already seen that they not only apply the roller, but that it is made to measure in an unprecedented practice and very dangerous for democratic quality," he added.

"If carried out, they would be sculpting the epitaph of a very battered RTVE", concluded the deputy.

Díaz has been very concerned with the intentions of the parties that make up the Government coalition with a view to the appointment of a new RTVE Board of Directors and the president of the corporation that will replace

Rosa María Mateo

, who has been serving for more than two years. the position of sole temporary administrator.

"In Ciudadanos

we want the public tender to end

," said Díaz.

“We promoted it in the past and we defend it in the present.

Others have to explain their changes of position that have gone from the contest to the finger. "

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