China News Service, Nanning, October 29 (Yu Jing) The collapse of the tunnel at Leye Avenue, Leye County, Guangxi, was rescued by the rescue team for 50 days. The body of a trapped person was found on the 29th.

  After 50 days of emergency rescue, the body of a trapped person was found in the tunnel collapse at 10:40 am on the 29th.

After the remains of the trapped persons are found, the on-site rescue headquarters will organize on-site surveys and excavations in accordance with the aftermath disposal plan. Criminal technical investigators such as public security organs will inspect the dead bodies of the victims and fix the evidence, extract DNA samples and install them. The bag was numbered, and the remains were transported to Baise by funeral van in the afternoon of the same day.

The next step will be to carry out DNA comparison and identification of the victim to confirm the identity of the victim.

The picture shows the rescue scene.

Provided by the Publicity Department of Leye County Party Committee

  Prior to this, on September 10, during tunnel construction at 540 meters from the left hole of Leye Avenue, Leye County, the roof collapsed suddenly, causing 9 workers to be trapped.

After the accident, 9 working groups including the Emergency Rescue Command were established on the scene to mobilize large excavators, loaders (forklifts), 120 rescue vehicles, life detectors and other equipment and vehicles to continue relevant rescue work.

Due to the complex geological conditions at the landslide location, there are huge dangerous rocks and cracks above the landslide section, which is affected by the prone to secondary disasters, resulting in slow rescue progress.

  It is understood that there are still 8 people trapped.

In the next step, the on-site rescue headquarters will formulate and adjust the rescue plan based on the expert group, continue to mobilize personnel, materials and equipment, and fully organize rescue work.