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In addition, containment will only be applied in Martinique, a territory where the epidemic is increasing sharply, Prime Minister Jean Castex said at a press conference.

With the exception of Martinique, "the virus circulates less quickly in the overseas departments and territories," said the Prime Minister.

But "tests will, on the other hand, be required on departure or arrival from these territories, in order to avoid any risk of the virus spreading," said Jean Castex.

700 new cases of Covid-19 in one week

The President of the Republic had indicated Wednesday evening in his speech that if the reconfinement were to take place throughout the national territory, "adaptations" would be planned for overseas, taking into account an overseas epidemic situation sometimes different from France .

Martinique recorded more than 700 new cases in one week and the positivity rate and the incidence rate increased by 9% and 25% respectively over the same period.

The prefect must specify at the end of the day (evening for the metropolis) the details of this confinement.

Shift with the metropolis

The overseas territories are experiencing an epidemic of the coronavirus out of step with the metropolis.

Guadeloupe, long before the metropolis, has faced the second wave of the epidemic since the beginning of August, leading to the saturation of the CHU and the reinforcement of the military.

But the number of people admitted to hospital is now shrinking.

Polynesia is also experiencing a difficult situation and fears a rapid saturation of its hospital.

It is the only overseas territory that had been placed, like the metropolis, under curfew.

In this overseas collectivity with competences shared between France and the local government, details should be provided on Thursday at midday (overnight for Paris).

Several prefects of overseas territories had already indicated that the containment measure would not be applied at midnight Thursday evening in their territories.

Restrictive measures in place

"The circulation of the virus remains active in Reunion, but it can now be considered to be under control," said State representative Jacques Billant on Thursday.

However, he specified that "certain tightening of measures may be made".

"Taking into account the health situation and the proximity of the tourist season", for her part explained the Prefect of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin Sylvie Feucher, it was decided "for the moment" not to apply the total containment measures.

But the measures already in place remain in force.

During the first wave, containment measures had been decided for the entire national territory, overseas included, while the overseas territories were then little affected by the epidemic.

This decision had been criticized, especially since certain territories had then been deconfined, always at the same time as the metropolis, but while the epidemic was arriving on their soil.

This was particularly the case of Guyana and Mayotte, particularly affected by the first epidemic wave, but out of time in France.


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