Emmanuel Macron, October 28, 2020. -

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The French were there.

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, announced on Wednesday the new measures in the face of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This fifth speech by the President of the Republic since the start of the health crisis, broadcast at 8 p.m., was followed by 29.75 million viewers, or 85.0% of the public aged four and over, according to Médiamétrie.

It is on TF1 that Emmanuel Macron's words brought together the most fellow citizens, with 13.68 million French people, or 39.1% of PDA.

France 2 follows with 11.56 million viewers (33.0% of PDA), ahead of M6 and its 2.95 million citizens (8.4% of PDA).

More than a million French people followed him in "Quotidien"

478,000 people, or 1.4% of PDAs, have chosen C8 to discover the main lines of the reconfinement.

1.08 million citizens, or 3.1% of PDAs, followed the head of state's announcements on TMC in



The news channel audiences will be known this Thursday at 11 a.m.

Emmanuel Macron's previous speech on June 15 brought together 23.61 million French people, or 85.6% of PDAs.

On March 12, his speech brought together 24.80 million citizens, or 87.4% of PDAs.

On March 16, the intervention announcing the start of confinement, brought together 35.45 million French people, or 96% of the public.

A record audience beaten during that April 13 with 36.73 million compatriots, or 94.5% of PDA, in front of their post.


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