He added - in an interview to the episode (10/29/2020) of the "Beyond the News" program - that France relies on what he called a "vigilant pirate" who works to maintain security covertly in the streets, and that the army forces will intervene alongside the security forces To be able to maintain stability in the country.

With regard to the political scene, the guest of the program indicated that the French President Emmanuel Macron is living under very great pressure after the assassination of the teacher Samuel Patti, considering that nothing justifies the killing, as is the case for the killing of 3 lives in the church, wondering about the extent of the perpetrator's association Crime with the values ​​of the true Islamic religion?

Maatouk considered that Macron's speech - which he delivered today - was balanced, considering that there is a kind of caution in his speech, which spoke about all being equal in the "French nation", noting that the French context is replete with mockery of religions, including Christianity.

But there is a kind of easing in mocking the Islamic religion, blaming the responsibility - in what is published - largely to the media and not the state alone.

The French government had announced raising the state of security alert in the country to the highest level, after at least 3 people were killed and others wounded in a knife attack near Notre Dame Church in Nice, and the police said that they had arrested the attacker, indicating that he was injured and taken to hospital.

Denouncing .. raising awareness

On the other hand, the expert in security affairs, Anne Giudicelli, said that adopting what she called the military position is understandable due to the horror of the attacks, and it is important for France to show its strength, stressing that the French position does not target Muslims, but rather there is exploitation of these developments by some organizations and institutions active Islamically, This is to mobilize solidarity at the international level.

She added that every country should take an official and clear position on these developments, condemning some statements that would fuel the conflict.

Geudicelli went on to say that many countries condemned the crime and expressed their solidarity, and also condemned the re-publication of the cartoons of the Messenger, which would fuel the street again, considering that it is necessary to explain what secularism is in France, which it said was not born to confront religions but to live in society. French regardless of the difference of religions.