[Explanation] Paintings, sculptures, visual works... These works are from a group of young creators under 22.

Through their works of art, they show the current problems that Chinese teenagers are facing, and lead the audience into their inner world.

On October 29, at the art exhibition site, several creators told reporters the stories behind their works.

  [Concurrent] Creator Liu Yunpeng (16 years old)

  I went to paint this picture because of my native family.

Because I didn't receive much attention in the family since I was young, my parents often quarreled, and I didn't want to talk since I was young.

(Painting) Actually the emotion expressed is still sad, but the eyes are looking forward again, I am still looking forward.

  [Concurrent] Creator Ma Chuyi (20 years old)

  I will find that many young people around me are facing this problem. Many of his own decisions are not recognized by his parents, or the teachers and elders at the school do not recognize them. They will say that I am doing good for you, so you Don't do anything wrong.

My work wants to show these things more intuitively.

I hope that my parents can also actively think about and make some changes, so that both parties can go to a warm state together.

  [Explanation] Nozze is the creator of video works and one of the curators of this art exhibition.

In her view, the rapid changes in society are causing some confusion for contemporary young people and also bringing psychological crisis to some young people.

Therefore, she and her peers use online platforms to solicit works from young creators.

It aims to show the young people's thinking about society, and to call on the society to pay attention to the mental health of young people.

  [Concurrent] Creator Nozze (20 years old)

  The name of our art exhibition is fault, which refers to the generation gap between children and parents.

Only by saying that you see the artworks created by these young people can you really know what they think in their hearts. I think it is more convincing than words or other methods.

We want to get more people to pay attention to the issue of adolescent mental health.

  [Commentary] On the same day, journalist Zhu Xuedong came to the scene as a guest of the exhibition.

He told reporters that the biggest feeling of visiting the exhibition is shock and shock.

As an elder, he can see the inner world of young people more intuitively through these works of art.

He also hopes that this exhibition will arouse more people to think and make changes.

  [Concurrent] Zhu Xuedong, guest of the exhibition

  I was able to understand the inner pain or mental trauma of some teenagers in the past, but it did not have the impact of seeing an art exhibition today.

Although of course there will be conflicts between myself and my children, after seeing this kind of fault, I will understand this conflict more carefully, perhaps more understanding of young people.

  [Commentary] It is reported that this art exhibition will be held in Beijing 798 Art District, and the exhibition will be from October 29th to November 1st.

  Wang Shibo Report from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]