"Hong Kong Independence" activist Zhong Hanlin was arrested on suspicion of inciting secession and other crimes. He is brought to court today

  [Global Net Reporter Yin Yanhui] According to Hong Kong’s “East Net” report on October 29, the National Security Office of the Hong Kong Police has charged the former convener of Hong Kong’s “Student Dongyuan” who advocated “Hong Kong independence” with Zhong Hanlin on multiple charges. He was released on bail and detained at the Central Police Station overnight for investigation.

On the morning of the 29th, the police escorted Zhong Hanlin to the West Kowloon Court for interrogation.

  According to the report, the police stated that a 19-year-old arrested man has been temporarily charged with one crime of “secession” and two “handling of property known or believed to represent the proceeds of an indictable crime” (commonly known as money laundering) , And a "conspiracy to publish seditious publications."

  It is understood that Zhong Hanlin is the administrator of three Facebook pages, including "Student Momentum", "Student Momentum U.S. Branch" and "Independence Party of Creation". All 3 pages have posted inciting others to split the country. information.

  On October 27, at the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a reporter asked: “South China Morning Post” quoted an anonymous report saying that officials of the Hong Kong Police National Security Department arrested activist Tony Chung at a coffee shop near the US Consulate in Hong Kong and Macau. People are preparing to seek asylum.

How does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs comment on this?

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that I do not have the information you mentioned.

China is a country under the rule of law, and Hong Kong is a society under the rule of law.

We support Hong Kong law enforcement agencies to perform their duties in accordance with the law.