It welcomes its visitors on the first of November with new services, facilities, and preventive measures that ensure the safety of visitors and workers

"Dubai Miracle Garden" is a safe space for relaxation among 150 million flowers

  • The park offers during the new season a wide range of outdoor activities.

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"Dubai Miracle Garden", the largest natural flower garden in the world, is preparing to receive its visitors in its new season, starting from the first Sunday of next November, to enjoy a group of wonderful works of art, which were formed using a variety of flowers from among about 150 million flowers and plants from 120 different species were brought from different regions of the world, and the unique garden includes shapes and designs that mimic the most famous tourist attractions and beloved personalities, to make the visit an exceptional experience full of fun and happiness.


The «Dubai Miracle Garden» welcomes its visitors daily from nine in the morning until nine in the evening during the weekdays. On public holidays and the weekend (Friday and Saturday) the doors of the park are open from nine in the morning until 11 in the evening, and entry is free for children under three years of age. And people of determination.

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The founding partner and designer of the Dubai Miracle Garden and vice-chairman of the "City Land" group, the developer of the park, Engineer Abdel Nasser Rahal, said: “We do everything in our power with each new season to introduce new and distinctive shapes and models that delight the hearts of visitors and make their visit an unforgettable experience. , And worth sharing with friends and family.

(Dubai Miracle Garden) has achieved great successes over the past years, in light of the commitment of the staff in the spirit of one team, and work tirelessly to achieve the desired goals, according to the highest standards, confirming Dubai's position as a preferred tourist destination on the global tourism map.


The park administration revealed that the preparations for receiving visitors included taking a set of precautionary measures, in line with the instructions of the concerned authorities in Dubai, with the aim of preserving the safety and health of visitors, and among those measures was the provision of temperature monitoring devices for guests at the entrances to the park, and the provision of hand sanitizers throughout the park. And installing indicative panels, which include inviting the public to adhere to social distancing and using masks, in addition to assigning the staff - trained at the highest level - to ensure that these measures are implemented and that visitors adhere to them in order to ensure the safety of everyone.

The opening of the new season of the park coincides with the resumption of many facilities, tourist and entertainment attractions in Dubai, in accordance with the preventive rules and measures recommended by the competent authorities in the Emirate of Dubai, as well as announced by the concerned authorities at the state level, to provide the opportunity for citizens, residents and visitors to enjoy the facilities rarely used It has a counterpart in the world, especially with moderate temperatures, which encourages outdoors to open areas, taking into account the need to adhere to the necessary precautions to ensure the health of everyone.

Entertainment and relaxation

The garden - extending over an area of ​​72,000 square meters in the heart of "Dubailand" - provides various spaces for recreation, relaxation and enjoyment of the charming natural atmosphere. During the new season, a wide range of outdoor activities are offered with the improvement of the weather, to ensure a visit filled with beauty in the company of friends and family. .

The park administration has also worked on developing lighting throughout its various corners, for the convenience of those wishing to visit it at night and strolling its rich areas, and enjoying the exquisite formations of flowers of all colors and shapes that give the soul a feeling of comfort and reassurance, as well as providing many outlets selling drinks and food to serve the visitors of the park And their comfort.

Among the developments in the Dubai Miracle Garden in preparation for its new season, the theater has been renovated to be ready to host the artworks and entertainment activities offered to visitors.

The park also provides its visitors with the ability to take pictures from high points of the wonderful models that reflect the beauty of nature and the bright colors, which increase the magnificence of the lighting that is designed and distributed in a way that adds more beauty to the components of the garden, to form together very beautiful paintings.

The park did not neglect to provide options suitable for sports lovers in the wonderful atmosphere it provides, so it has developed a running track of 400 meters long surrounded by flowers on both sides for lovers of walking and running, and the track will also be used to host some events and entertainment shows, and many different physical activities.

Record numbers

"Dubai Miracle Garden" has established its global position during the past seven years and since its opening in 2013, when it entered the "Guinness Book of World Records" more than once, and the beginning was with its launch, as it entered the encyclopedia in 2013 as the largest vertical garden in the world, and then Through the inauguration of a model of flowers for the giant "Emirates Airlines" plane (A380) in 2016, and an 18-meter-long model of flowers for the character of "Mickey Mouse" in February 2018 as the longest "supporting" plant model in the world, while a corner was designated in The park is for the character of "Mickey Mouse" and his friends, so that visitors can enjoy those cartoon characters that are loved by children and adults.

In 2017, Dubai Miracle Garden won the "Distinguished Tourist Park" award from the Parks Council of Canada, within the North American Tourist Gardens Conference, and the "Grand Prize for Commercial Design" from the National Professional Gardens Foundation - Britain.

In 2015, the park was crowned "Garden of the Year" from the International Tourism Parks Award.


One thousand square meters in the heart of "Dubailand".


Kinds of flowers from around the world.

Abdel Nasser Rahal:

"We are working to confirm Dubai's position as a preferred tourist destination on the global tourism map."

- Developing the park theater to host artistic events and entertainment shows.

Free entry for people of determination and children under three years old.

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