C8 host Cyril Hanouna.



No question of seeing the audiences collapse as in the spring!

Cyril Hanouna spoke on the plateau of

Touche not at my post

the future of his show on C8 in the event of an advanced curfew or a re-containment.

The host has already assured that there would be "a show, whatever happens."

In the event of an advanced curfew, "we will continue to receive audiences, but we will bring forward the shooting schedules of the show," he announced.

And to add: "You know that it is very important for us and that I am very happy that you are here.

"And to specify:" We will be deferred, always under the conditions of the direct.

There is no editing in this show, already we do not have the budget.


No "Afida Turner in Skype"

In the event of re-containment: "We will remain, whatever the case, on the set, I tell you, we will be there in our studios", he promised.

And to continue with humor: “Sorry, you may not see me making pizza or having Afida Turner on Skype again.

It's from the past.

"If there is total confinement, the public will no longer be able to be with us on the stage, unfortunately," he says.

"In the event of total containment, we will be live but without an audience," he further summed up.

For the record, during confinement last spring, Cyril Hanouna hosted Tonight at Baba's in his living room.

From a little over a million viewers, "the audiences of Cyril Hanouna [had] suddenly plummeted, to be divided by two some evenings", had pointed out then




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