China Weather News predicts that today (27th), under the influence of a new burst of cold air, the maximum temperature in Beijing will drop.

In the morning, the wind is strong, local gusts are around level 5, and the temperature is around 10°C. The wind chill effect is obvious; the highest temperature in the afternoon is expected to be around 17°C, and citizens need to pay attention to keeping warm.

This morning, the wind chill effect in Beijing was obvious.

  Yesterday, a new wave of cold air "visited" Beijing.

Around 5 o'clock in the morning today, the average wind force in most areas of Beijing was around level 3, local gusts were around level 5, and the temperature was around 10°C. The wind chill effect was obvious.

  According to the latest forecast issued by the Beijing Meteorological Observatory at 6 o'clock this morning, during the day today, Beijing will be partly cloudy, with north-south breeze at two to three levels and a maximum temperature of 17℃; at night, Beijing will be partly cloudy with south-north breeze at level two or three. , The lowest temperature is 4℃.

  At present, the blue warning for gale in Beijing is still in effect. Citizens need to put on clothes to keep warm when going out, and beware of colds.

In the next three days, Beijing will still be mainly sunny to cloudy, and the weather will be dry. It is necessary to pay attention to the safety of fire and to moisturize dryness in time.