Trot singer Kim Soo-chan has unveiled a family history that has never been revealed.

Kim Soo-chan, Noh Ji-hoon, and Ryu Ji-gwang appeared in SBS Plus's'Do you eat rice?

Kim Soo-chan said, "Because I like flashy and shiny things, it will be a'gold spoon','I would have lived a good life and lived a flat life'. I have never told a difficult story on the air," he first confessed his family history.

Kim Soo-chan mentioned her mother, who gave birth at a young age, saying, "My mother gave birth to me when she was 20. My mother is 74 years old."

Kim Soo-chan said, "I have been so positive since I was a child" under the influence of his mother.

He said, "Even if I poured water out of the underground single room, my mother and who scooped up more water," he said. "When my friends said,'Why do you live in a cave', I said,'It's cool.' I lived so positively."

Kim Soo-chan said, "My mother kept telling me that'we are not the ones who are chosen, but the ones who make it.' We chose this difficult situation, we had high self-esteem, and had positive energy. It defines everything. It’s us, the mind makes reality,” he explained, explaining the unique positive education of his mother.

Kim Soo-chan said, "My mom and I knew that it would work out well. How confident do I get if I know. I got nervous when I went to the national song show, so my mom said,'It's the best prize anyway. Go encore. Sing with the heart of singing songs.' So I sang with the heart of singing a real encore song, and I received the real top prize," he said, conveying the mother's heart of faith to her son.

Kim Soo-chan said that her mother, who is 20 years old, is "not called a mother, but is called her eldest sister."

He said, "My mother said,'You have raised enough to raise, so you will retire your mother's path. I will live my life, so tell me your sister.'" .

Kim Soo-chan, who explained about her positive and cool personality, also revealed her sorrowful heart to her mother who gave birth to herself as a single mother.

Kim Soo-chan said, "My eldest sister (mom) was a single mother when I was pregnant in the past. I went to the midwife because I had no place to go and didn't have money to give birth. I was too big to come out. How can I give birth to a 4.2kg kid in the midwifery? So he went to a big hospital and left a will and gave birth to me,” he said.

He added, "I still have a lot of (mom's) stomach, but I said I would do it because I made money."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)