Zhengzhou, October 25th (Li Mingming) On the 24th, the China·Henan Recruitment Innovation and Development Conference "2020 Talent Recruitment Special Action"-high-end talent (project) matchmaking conference opened in Zhengzhou, Henan. Issued a "recruitment order" to all sectors of society and provided more than 50,000 various employment positions.

  This conference was hosted by the Henan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Henan Provincial Government. It aims to vigorously recruit high-level, innovative and leading talents (teams), continue to promote high-quality talent project cooperation, and widely gather the wisdom of experts from all parties to help Henan in the central Strive to be the first in the rise and write a more brilliant chapter in the new era of the Central Plains, providing strong talent support and intellectual protection.

  Dai Bohua, deputy governor of the Henan Provincial Government, stated at the launching ceremony that the Innovation and Development Conference has formed a vivid situation of "being near and far, and making the best use of their talents".

Henan will further optimize services, and strive to provide convenient conditions and create a good environment for people to innovate and start businesses in Henan.

  According to Liu Shiwei, Director of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Henan Province, this high-end talent (project) matchmaking fair has recruited 1,560 participating employers, including 566 institutions and 994 enterprises.

A total of 51,868 recruitment positions were provided by various employers.

  It is understood that the high-end talent (project) matchmaking fair, as an important part of the "2020 Talent Recruitment Special Action", is one of this year’s home talent recruitment activities, and it is also convenient for Henan job seekers to meet their needs and positions nearby. Special measures for cooperative projects.

Henan has held two consecutive China·Henan Recruitment of Talents and Innovative Development Conferences, with a total of nearly 100,000 signing agreements.

The picture shows the applicant and the job applicant are talking and communicating.

Photo by Li Mingming

  A total of 752 high-end talents (projects) were solicited at the conference. Some projects have been docked and signed, and 10 representative projects were signed at the launch ceremony.

  "We hope that through on-site interviews, we can communicate and understand each other more intuitively." Ma Shousen from Kaifeng Literature and Art Center told reporters, because the recruiters who came to set up the exhibition this time came from various prefectures and cities. As for the unit, it was also a good communication.

  "With the development needs of our company, we are eager to attract some technical and managerial personnel through this conference." said Zhao Hongyu, a company in Henan.

  This conference not only attracted job seekers from inside and outside Henan Province, but also attracted many international students to seek jobs.

Shi Haorui from the University of Technology Sydney, majoring in finance, said, “I think the activity was done very well. When I was studying abroad, I could only read online information. It was very useful and practical to participate in this job fair. I look forward to applying for a job later. There will be progress in the direction of work."

  In addition, the reporter saw in the career planning guidance area set up by the conference that more than a dozen career planning mentors were providing career planning guidance, talent assessment, career planning and other related guidance consulting services for all kinds of job seekers free of charge.