Bear sightings 15 cases in Niigata prefecture only on 25th October 25th, 18:52 in Murakami city

In Niigata prefecture, there were 15 bear sightings on the 25th alone, of which a car and a bear collided on a national road in Murakami City.

No one was injured.

On the 25th alone, the number of bear sightings sent to police in Niigata Prefecture was

▽ 4 in Gosen City,

4 in

Aga Town,

▽ 2 in Murakami City and Minami Uonuma City,

▽ Nagaoka City and Joetsu City. , There are 15 cases in total, 1 case each in Sanjo City.

Of these, in Murakami City, a car and a bear collided on Route 345 before 8:30 am.

No one was injured.

Niigata Prefecture continues to issue a "bear infestation special warning" to call for strict caution, such as keeping away from places where bear infestations have been confirmed and carrying around a sounding object when entering the mountains.