Recently, when the traffic police in Daan, Zigong, Sichuan carried out night-time “drunk driving” rectification in their jurisdiction, they investigated and dealt with a “drunk driving” woman who had helped her husband “stop drinking” while driving a motor vehicle.

  That night, when a woman Chen drove a motor vehicle at the ramp of the Da'an section of Dongyandu Avenue, she was asked by the Da'an traffic police on duty for a routine inspection.

When the police on duty asked Chen to cooperate with an alcohol test, she told the police that she did not deliberately "driving under the influence" because she helped her husband drink a sip of alcohol at the dinner table while leaving relatives that day.

  Subsequently, through further testing, the woman's body alcohol content was 41mg/100ml, which belonged to driving a motor vehicle after drinking.

In the end, Chen was fined 1,900 yuan and 12 points recorded on his driver's license by the public security organs for “driving under the influence”.

(Video provided by Liu Gang and Wu Liqiu: Daan Traffic Police Editor Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]