• What series to watch if you really liked these

Between three and eight chapters have the series included in this selection.

Very different from each other, in it you will find 'thrillers', dramas, old mystery stories and even oriental fantasies.

So you don't get off the couch for a minute.

Kalifat (Netflix, 8 episodes)

A Swedish 'thriller' about jihadist terrorism starring two women ... and religious fanaticism.

The tension is developing in a line of action whose extremes are in Syria and Sweden.

On the one hand, it brings us closer to how the process of Islamic radicalization of young Muslims in Europe (and in particular, girls) works, and on the other to how they live in the extreme context of the Islamic State in Syria.

Full of action, violence and broken expectations, 'Kalifat' is a great series that takes us out of our usual comfort zone in Anglo-Saxon or Spanish series and that, as with

'Unorthodox' (Netflix, 4 episodes),

puts us in the shoes from other world perspectives.

Retaliation (Netflix, 4 episodes)

The dark secrets behind the murder of some newlyweds is the thread that weaves this miniseries that takes place in the most appropriate of environments, a harsh Scotland always between mist and drizzle.

It follows the classic suspense model:

the murderer is one of us,

with the singularity that this 'we' are the families of the bride and groom, estranged for a long time.

Effective as an ax blow, you will consume it in a sigh.

The Ghost Bride (Netflix, 6 chapters)

This Taiwanese-Malay co-production is a fun tale with hints of horror, a breath of fresh oriental air if you like the stories that unfold with one foot in our world and the other in the hereafter.

With a certain comic air due to the excessiveness of the characters and their reactions, it takes place in colonial Malaysia at the end of the 19th century, where a girl of humble extraction is proposed to be the girlfriend of the deceased son of the wealthy of the town following an ancient magic ritual.

The intelligence of the protagonist, Pan Li Lan, will allow her to go around the different 'trials' that she will find along a path that will end up having heroic overtones.

The Spy (Netflix, 6 chapters)

'The spy', with Sacha Baron Cohen in one of his best roles.


Baron Cohen

can be loved or hated, or even both at the same time.

The excessive showman who gave us the unexpected


and punished us with


embroiders here a role full of restraint and nuances that earned him the Golden Globe nomination. The screenwriter of

'Homeland', Gideon Raff,

is the creator of this story based on a real case, the life of the Israeli spy

Eli Cohen.

Throughout the chapters we see how the spy gobbles up the man and his struggle to stay sane between his two personalities.

Plus, all the classic ingredients of the genre: violence, glamorous parties, family problems ...

The Undeniable Truth (HBO, 6 episodes)

One of the best series so far this year, in which

Mark Ruffalo

plays two twin brothers, one of them paranoid-schizophrenic.

Ruffalo won the Emmy for his magnificent double performance.

Extremely tough drama, it narrates the difficulties that one of the brothers, Dominick, goes through in all aspects of his life, but especially when trying to protect his twin when he is imprisoned for cutting off a hand in a public place.

Through 'flashbacks' we understand not only the process by which this situation has been reached, but also the origin of the siblings' family drama.

A masterpiece.

The Undoing (HBO, 6 episodes premieres October 26)

One of the most anticipated series of the year starring

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman

and in a 'thriller' format.

The actress plays a successful New York therapist about to publish her first novel.

She has a perfect and loving husband and a son who goes to an expensive school, and she considers herself a fulfilled woman from head to toe.

Until something very unexpected and dramatic happens and his entire previous life begins to unravel, each piece pushed by a new suspicion or revelation.

Secrets and lies, and of course a dark crime, draw the skeleton of this series that, as usual, you will have to watch from week to week, adapting to the classic HBO procedure.

Or wait until the end and see it in one go, of course.

A Very English Scandal (Amazon Prime Video, 3 episodes)

Who was going to tell us that the charming

Hugh Grant

was going to become, over the years, one of the best villains in audiovisual fiction ... Here he plays a tremendous role, based on a real character, that of the first politician who was tried for conspiracy in murder, liberal

Jeremy Thorpe


The series, directed by director

Stephen Frears,

manages to turn this story of homosexuality, double standards, politics and crime into a 'mix' of drama and black comedy.

Grant and

Ben Wishaw's performances

are epic, as is the re-enactment of the time and the setting of this truly very, very British story.

Vicky Luengo and Raúl Arévalo in 'Anti-riot'.

Riot control (Movistar +, 6 episodes)

Vicky Luengo plays

Laia, an Internal Affairs agent who investigates a case of police violence in Madrid.

Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña

deal with a topical issue that starts when the action of six riot police in the eviction of a house ends with the death of a man.

The investigation that agent Laia will carry out on what happened will reveal, of course, that underneath the case there is much more wax than burns.

Far from remaining in a stereotypical portrait of a reality that catches us more or less close, the series goes into the lives of each of the characters, the 'bad guys' and the 'good guys', confronting the viewer with himself and their prejudices.

Nothing is black or white in this series that is already considered one of the best Spanish of the year.

Christie Agatha.

Tragic Innocence (Movistar +, 3 episodes), Ten little black boys (3), The mystery of the railroad guide (3), The mystery of Pale Horse (2)

An adaptation of

Agatha Christie

a year does not hurt, and these four microseries show that they can also provide great pleasure.

To begin with the highly polished production, and to continue, with the actors who embody them:

Bill Nighy, Charles Dance, Rufus Sewell, John Malkovich

(giving life to a Hercule Poirot in full decline) ... The stories are the same as always but they do not lose an iota of their original suspense, also wrapped in a refined packaging with an impeccable setting, meticulous photography and successful music.

Ideal pills for a rainy afternoon in the 'vintage' sea.

Ethan Hawke in a scene from 'The Woodpecker'.

The Woodpecker (Movistar +, 7 episodes, only 6 premiered, the seventh premieres on November 15)

Starring and produced by

Ethan Hawke,

'The Woodpecker' is set in the 19th century pre-Civil War America, with abolitionism as a skeleton.

Cebollita, played by

Joshua Caleb-Johnson,

is a young African-American slave who, without eating or drinking it, finds himself in the middle of the group of followers of abolitionist John Brown

(Ethan Hawke).

This is an excessive individual with gunman ways for whom the only way to the end of slavery is war.

Paradoxically, who Cebollita wants to escape from is her supposed liberator, Brown.

Internal and external struggles, war and morality, shape this historical series of impeccable workmanship.

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